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February Product Launches: Introducing Our Close-the-Loop AI Assistant

March 21, 2024

A new month means all new opportunities to share CustomerGauge’s recent feature releases.

Our rockstar product team always keeps a finger on the pulse of industry-wide trends, and one that caught our eye as early as 2022 was artificial intelligence (AI).

We started to wonder, “How can AI be used in tandem with our Account Experience (AX) software to help streamline customer experience (CX) efforts?”

With that, the first feature of GaugieAI, the close-the-loop assistant, was born.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

Introducing the Close-the-Loop AI Assistant

If you’re a CX professional, you understand how critical it is to your program to close the loop on feedback.

And time and time again we run into customers who have received feedback that needs special attention (we’re looking at you, Detractors), calling for tailored responses that may take longer than hoped.

We also see frontline teams receive feedback that needs fast follow-up, but they’re on the road and can’t take the time to craft a necessary reply.

These real-life scenarios are where GaugieAI, our artificial intelligence engine, comes to the rescue to have you become the superhero your customers need.

CustomerGauge GaugieAI

GaugieAI analyzes a survey response and generates a suggested follow-up email message.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS), selected NPS Drivers, and NPS Comment of the respondent is used to generate the suggestion, in the language the survey was responded to.

Our Vice President of Product Management, Trishaala Chengappa, provided insight into this game-changing new feature at CustomerGauge’s Monetize! Digital conference.

Close-the-Loop “On-the-Go”

As mentioned above, closing the loop while completing daily site visits has also never been easier with our close-the-loop “on-the-go” feature.

CustomerGauge Close the Loop Feature

The difference between both tools is that on-the-go allows teams to quickly update case status directly without a login process while they’re on the road for a smooth and continuous workflow.

Updated Case CustomerGauge

API Playground

If you're a developer who likes to explore APIs before coding, you're in luck.

Our new feature provides instant feedback for requests sent to GET responses, GET non-responses, and GET close-the-loop APIs.

You can discover all parameters supported by these APIs and obtain a cURL request example with all selected values.

API Playground

All-New Features

New in Survey Suite

Merge tags are new and improved. It’s never been easier to personalize your surveys with dynamic placeholders. Now you can include relevant information uploaded in the survey record in question titles and custom text widgets.

This enhancement is available for both Campaign Surveys and Pop-up Surveys!

CustomerGauge Survey

New in Integrations

Connected Apps has been revamped! Connecting to your Salesforce platform is as easy as can be. Simply fill in your Salesforce domain and click on authorize — that’s it.

CustomerGauge Salesforce Integration

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