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Confirmit vs Qualtrics: Find the Right CX Solution

Blog by Ian Luck
November 14, 2022

In a world where companies now mainly compete on customer experience (CX), ensuring that customers are satisfied is a must for any business.

Luckily, customer experience management (CXM) tools make this an easier task than it once was. This software puts critical information on customer loyalty and sentiment at the fingertips of CX teams.

However, now businesses have a different problem. With hundreds, if not thousands, of different tools available, finding the right platform for your business’s needs can be a daunting prospect.

In this article, we take a look at three different tools: Confirmit, Qualtrics, and CustomerGauge. We’ll mainly be looking at their features and seeing what their customers have to say about each so that you can see how they stack up against one another.

Introducing Confirmit, Qualtrics, and CustomerGauge

Confirmit (Now Known as Forsta)

In 2021, Confirmit merged with the research tech business FocusVision to form Forsta. So, you won’t be able to buy Confirmit in its prior form any longer, however, Forsta does everything its predecessor once did and more.

Forsta describes itself as the “new frontier” in customer experience and market research technology. It operates as a full-suite technology platform that offers qualitative and quantitative insights and analytics tools.


Qualtrics is a cloud-based software platform for enterprise experience management and one of the best-known CX solutions providers. Originally launched in 2002, Qualtrics has grown to become a powerful player in the voice of customer (VoC) market, bolstered by recent acquisitions such as that of Clarabridge.

Like Forsta, Qualtrics aims to provide a complete solution for brands that are looking to improve their CX. As such, it enables the seamless capture and analysis of all experience data from customers and employees.


CustomerGauge is a CX solution designed specifically with B2B brands in mind.

While other CX tools attempt to offer solutions for everyone, CustomerGauge focuses on the B2B market, where options are more limited.

To this end, CustomerGauge helps companies manage every part of their customer experience management program, from surveying to closing the loop on customer feedback and linking their CX data to revenue.

The focus of the platform is on Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. These are complemented by other customer satisfaction and engagement metrics to give you a complete picture of your customer activity.

CX Solutions: Gartner’s Assessment

So, how do these tools stack up alongside each other? Before we check out some customer reviews, let’s hear from Gartner, the tech research and consulting firm.

In 2021, Gartner published its Critical Capabilities report which compares the world’s top CX vendors based on a number of criteria, including advanced case management, customer journey orchestration, and advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics.

According to Gartner’s research, CustomerGauge was the highest performing VoC vendor in the world for the B2B VoC use case.

You’ll also notice that Qualtrics and Confirmit appear on the list, too, with scores of 3.22 and 2.74 respectively. In other words, they come in 3rd and 4th place compared to CustomerGauge.

Gartner b2b cx rankings

By the way, you can see how Medallia compares to all these tools here: Medallia vs Qualtrics vs CustomerGauge: Choosing the Best CX Solution

Forsta vs Qualtrics vs CustomerGauge: G2 Comparison

Gartner isn’t the only software authority that has an opinion on these different tools. is a software marketplace and peer-to-peer review site that enables verified software users to post authenticated reviews. Users are asked to score software out of 10 across a range of different areas which are aggregated to give an average star rating out of five.

Before we look at what some individual customers have to say about each tool, let’s see how each performs according to G2.

Forsta (Prev. Confirmit)

Qualtrics Customer Experience



G2 Rating

G2 Rating

G2 Rating

Star Rating




Largest Market Segment

Mid-Market (43.4% of reviews)

Enterprise (58.7% of reviews)

Mid-Market (43.6% of reviews)

Total Number of Reviews




Meets Requirements




Ease of Use




Ease of Setup




Ease of Admin




Quality of Support




Has the product been a good partner in doing business?




Product Direction (% positive)




As you can see, CustomerGauge leads the way in terms of aggregate review score when compared to both Forsta and Qualtrics with a score of 4.6/5 and a higher score than both tools in almost all areas including ease of use and quality of support.

What Users Think of Forsta, Qualtrics, and CustomerGauge

Forsta Customers Say…


Post-merger with Forsta, Confirmit customers appear to be happy with the direction in which the brand is going:

  • One of the best survey tools. Survey programming is easy with this tool. You can apply masking and skipping logic in just a few clicks. A high level of customization can be done through its question properties. Survey link testing is super easy with its tool you can see all terminations.” (Team Lead, Enterprise)

  • Confirmit—a stable survey platform. The best part about using Confirmit is its flexibility in allowing other technologies to rest on top of a standard survey. Compared to its competitors, you're freer to be creative. Their latest iteration has more and more interactive elements available with just a few clicks.” (Senior Programmer, Enterprise)


However, some users have pointed to the fact that the tool has switched hands a fair few times, and that there could be improvements in UI and general usability:

  • “Part of the problem with Confirmit is that the business keeps getting passed around, so it's unclear who is genuinely controlling things.” (Senior Programmer, Enterprise)

  • “There is too much to learn about this tool. The knowledge base is good but if they could add more detailed videos on complex programming setups, it would be great.” (Team Lead, Enterprise)

Qualtrics Customers Say…


Qualtrics is highly praised for its excellent customer support and how user-friendly the platform is:

  • Finally, a great customer service experience. I was able to get a knowledgeable person on the phone without too much of a time delay. I was not transferred from person to person and my contact listened and problem-solved my issues with me directly.” (User in Higher Education)

  • Simple to use and easy to learn. The simplicity of the UI, easy to learn software if you are a first-time user. The poll, survey, the reporting analytics were great. This software is simple to use and easy to navigate.” (Administrator in Financial Services)


Some customers have highlighted certain limitations and UX issues

CustomerGauge Customers Say…


CustomerGauge users praise the platform’s NPS capabilities and the continued support from the internal team.

  • We found working with CustomerGauge was like a partnership, rather than onboarding another supplier. Using CustomerGauge, we quickly rolled out their Net Promoter® program to start collecting customer feedback at many transactional touch points across the customer journey, as well as with periodic relationship and product surveys.

We optimized our CX program by adding multi-language NPS surveys, which allowed us to tap into a wider audience and increase the amount of valuable customer feedback.” (customer success specialist, IT and services)

  • Great tool for NPS. I enjoy the ability to be able to mark an NPS score in someone else’s name and the ability to mark a case as closed so you can easily monitor where your efforts need to lie when following up during an NPS ask. Reporting was also very good via CustomerGauge, though it takes a while to set up…

It was a very powerful tool for quickly analyzing any themes and patterns found within the data collected from a client NPS ask.” (user in information technology and services)

The 3 CX Solutions: Pros, Cons, and Key Features

So, which should you buy? That’s down to you. Here, we’ve outlined some of the pros and cons of these solutions to give you a better sense of what you’re buying.



  • A range of powerful features. Forsta segments its key features into four areas: Gather, Analyze, Visualize, and Act. Actual product features such as online survey software, telephone interviewing tools, text analytics, a data hub, and reporting are all sorted into one of these four areas.

  • Interactive online dashboard. This gives users a comprehensive view of every contact and enables teams to manage case resolutions and find the root cause of any customer-related issue.

  • Easy survey analysis. Forsta makes customer experience survey software data easy to analyze and act on by enabling the tracking of performance according to business, product line, region, and a range of other user-definable categories.

  • Unpredictable ownership structure. While it’s a powerful tool, the frequent changes in ownership may make it problematic for some.

  • Complex setup. Some customers have noted that Forsta is a little more complicated than other tools, sometimes requiring expert support.



  • Easy setup. Qualtrics stands out due to its core simplicity. It’s a web-based tool that requires no software installation, meaning you can get started quickly.

  • Centralized management. It features a point-and-click interface for building powerful surveys which can then be sent and analyzed from a single online location.

  • Prebuilt solutions. The inclusion of 20 fully-automated, guided solutions that come with pre-built analytics and reporting make it super easy for less technical users to hit the ground running, too.

  • Survey templates. The survey builder which includes more than 85 question types, pre-built survey templates, and tools for basic and advanced users.

  • A big name in the field. Qualtrics is one of the most widely used and trusted tools out there, for individual researchers, smaller businesses, and large enterprises alike.

  • Complex and often overwhelming. Qualtrics has an enormous number of features, which many users don’t begin to scratch the surface of. For many customers, it can be too many, with optionality that can just be overwhelming.

  • Expensive. With so many features, Qualtrics has a price tag to match. It may just be out of budget for many users.



  • Built for B2B. CustomerGauge is the only dedicated platform for B2B brands to manage their customer experience, customer retention, and loyalty. It’s built with the complexities and demands of B2B relationships in mind.

  • Focus on CX action. CustomerGauge isn’t just about collecting customer sentiment. Its goal is to support you to take action. To this end, it automatically captures and distributes feedback from your customer accounts in real-time to the teams that need it.

  • Comprehensive revenue metrics. CustomerGauge is the only solution to link up CX data with financial metrics. It helps you see the cost of churn, the value of particular CX drivers, and identify opportunities for up-sells and referrals.

  • More than just surveys. Alongside our powerful NPS survey builder, CustomerGauge provides tools to help you track customer engagement, churn risk, and product usage.

  • Not suitable for B2C. CustomerGauge is focused on supporting B2B brands. That means it’s not the best solution out there for businesses selling directly to consumers.

  • Ill-equipped for academic research. Tools like Qualtrics are also used by researchers. CustomerGauge is designed exclusively to be used in commercial contexts.

CustomerGauge: The #1 CX Solution for B2B

Confirmit and Qualtrics are highly effective tools for B2C clients. Yet, for B2B brands, CustomerGauge excels.

Why not find out for yourself why Gartner ranked us #1? Book a demo to get started.

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