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Customer Survey Idols #3: The Good Communicator

Survey IdolsI am indebted to Church of the Customer Blog for this tip. It's an email invitation to fill out a survey for a Chicago Pizza company. I liked it for the polite, yet engaging tone of the invitation to comment. It actually does a great job of selling, and shows a lot of thought.
Hi, My name's Mike and I'm the Manager at HomeMade Pizza Company in Evanston. I just wanted to thank you for choosing HomeMade. The way we figure it, there are a whole lot of places you could've tried for dinner, so we really appreciate the fact that you went with us.And if you get a chance, we want to hear what you thought. Do you have any questions or comments about your HomeMade experience? Any rants or raves? Whatever it is, let me know. Feel free to give me a call here at the store, or e-mail us at [note: I'll save them from the spambots].Thanks a lot for trying HomeMade. I hope to see you again soon!
After commenting, this customer got a response direct from a VP.
Hey Christine -- I just wanted to thank you for your nice email to Mike! Bottom line is, we're really glad you finally had a chance to stop in and, of course, I'm even happier your guys enjoyed everything -- fantastic! Glad you're planning on coming in again, too -- we'll be looking for you soon.And keep in touch -- if you ever have any questions/comments/suggestions, we'd love to hear them -- we want to make sure we're keeping you happy.Thanks again for the great feedback Christine, we really appreciate it! Best -- Shane.
I like the way that the company's personality shines through in both of these communications. This is how customers like to be treated!

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