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GetFeedback vs Qualtrics: Choosing the Right CX Software

March 20, 2023

GetFeedback and Qualtrics are powerful customer experience (CX) software that helps businesses understand customer sentiments and transform their customer experience programs.

However, the two tools are quite different in their features and capabilities. GetFeedback originated as a feedback collection tool for Salesforce partners, while Qualtrics is an end-to-end customer experience management (CXM) suite.

Depending on your business needs, either tool could be the better choice.

And, if you’re a B2B company looking to grow revenue and decrease churn, you might want to consider an alternative: CustomerGauge.

Gartner recognizes CustomerGauge as the #1 CX platform for B2B and B2B2BC needs.

So, GetFeedback, Qualtrics, or CustomerGauge? We’ve reviewed all three tools and have weighed out the pros and cons to help you decide which is best for your needs.

Introducing GetFeedback, Qualtrics, and CustomerGauge


GetFeedback is an established customer experience management tool designed specifically for businesses that use Salesforce. B2C brands integrate GetFeedback with Salesforce to send surveys across multiple digital channels and analyze data from them collectively.

GetFeedback links data from your Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) tool to collect feedback data, helping your support team understand different customer segments and take action to resolve issues, reduce customer churn, and improve customer experiences.

The platform is also popular for collecting Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, giving support team insights into customer sentiments.

  • Price: You can try GetFeedback’s Essentials plan for free via their 14-day trial. For the paid plans, contact GetFeedback for a quote.

  • Best for: Mid-sized to large B2C enterprises.

  • Top 3 industries: Information Technology and Services, Computer Software, Internet.

  • Customer service G2 rating: 9.0 for Quality of Support.

G2 score: 4.5


Founded in 2002, Qualtrics is one of the most well-known providers of enterprise experience software.

The brand has a comprehensive suite of tools to conduct foundational research and manage product, brand, employee, and customer experiences. Their customer experience management solution, Qualtrics CustomerXM, helps enterprises manage and scale their CX programs.

Qualtrics CustomerXM is a feature-rich platform with all the essential features to capture and analyze customer feedback and take action based on it. The tool supports multiple question types, integrations with Salesforce, advanced customizations, omnichannel data collection, and deep analytics and reporting.

  • Price: Qualtrics CustomerXM’s pricing starts at $1500 annually.

  • Best for: Businesses of all sizes, with its largest market share being enterprise.

  • Top 3 industries: Financial Services, Retail, B2B.

  • Customer service G2 rating: 8.7 for Quality of Support.

G2 score: 4.3


CustomerGauge is a CX platform that helps B2B businesses establish and improve mature CX programs. The platform relies on Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to collect feedback, combining the data with other metrics, like CSAT and Customer Effort Score (CES), to offer a holistic understanding of customer sentiments.

The platform supports omnichannel data collection and integrates with software like your CRM or help desk software to collect unstructured data, such as from live chat logs. And while most CX software is focused on data collection, CustomerGauge focuses on helping businesses tie CX to financial data and prioritize revenue growth.

  • Price: Contact our team for details.

  • Best for: Mid-market and enterprise B2B and B2B2C companies aiming to grow account sizes and reduce churn.

  • Top 3 industries: Technology, Business Services, Manufacturing.

  • Customer service G2 rating: 9.6 for Quality of Support.

G2 score: 4.6

Gartner’s Perspective: Qualtrics vs CustomerGauge

Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report evaluated and scored the top 14 CX vendors for B2B enterprise needs. Their assessment included Qualtrics and CustomerGauge, but not GetFeedback, likely because GetFeedback isn’t an end-to-end CX solution.

In the report, Qualtrics had the second highest scores for enabling B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses, making it one of the most well-rounded CX vendors. CustomerGauge was declared the best CX platform for B2B businesses, recognized for its excellent customer journey orchestration, analytics, and sales enablement capabilities.

GetFeedback vs Qualtrics vs CustomerGauge: According to G2

G2 is one of the most reliable sources of customer reviews for software. Their comparison table reveals how customers feel about GetFeedback, Qualtrics, and CustomerGauge. Reviewers rated GetFeedback top for meeting requirements, and ease of use, setup, and admin.

On the other hand, CustomerGauge took the lead for quality of support, being a good partner in business, and product direction. It’s also the highest rated overall, with a star rating of 4.6. Qualtrics scored more than 8 in most fields except for ease of set up and admin.


GetFeedback vs Qualtrics vs CustomerGauge: How Customers Feel

When should you choose GetFeedback over Qualtrics or vice versa? Here’s what customers have to say.

GetFeedback Customers Say…


GetFeedback is praised for its intuitive user interface (UI) and ease of use, as well as its Salesforce focus:

  • I really like the UI. It's methodical to use and you can have a working and engaging survey within minutes. The built-in analytics are also really good and the ability to share with non-account users makes it highly useful.

  • Support has always been great from this company.

  • Integration with Salesforce (although additional cost now).

  • Diversity in customization and the latest logic additions are great.

  • Ability for different types of media and diverse Q&A available.”

(Client Services Director, Mid-Market)

  • GetFeedback has been my go-to survey and data collection solution for years. I've used it for my day job, with my Salesforce user group, and for personal projects as well. GetFeedback surveys are beautiful and user-friendly. Lots of customization options, and easy to build!” (Co-Leader, Small Business)

Although GetFeedback receives a lot of praise for its simplicity, some users found that the platform has some limitations:

  • I've run into a few limitations where I may have tried to do things that either weren't evident on how to do them or just went against what the product designers intended. One example is I wanted to do a giveaway and cap the number of submissions to the first 5 users. Another issue is when you change a question while a survey is live and receiving responses can do some weird things, although I'm sure this goes against best practices.” (Sr. Manager, Salesforce Development, Mid-Market)

  • “While the current analytics is sufficient, I’d love to see more evolution of reporting directly out of the platform.” (User in IT and Services, Small-Business)

Qualtrics Customers Say…


Qualtrics is praised for its customization capabilities and excellent customer support:

  • I really like the features that allow me to customize my survey with skip logic and embedded text. I also love their customer service. There is almost no wait time and the people on the phone are either able to help me through my problem or they log into my account and fix it for me. 5 Stars.” (Senior Data Analyst, Enterprise)

  • The most helpful aspect of Qualtrics is actually their customer support. While I was doing data collection, there were times that I needed further assistance to understand the workflow and next steps of my project. Their attention to detail and friendly staff set them apart from their competition. The upsides of having a dedicated and loyal team mean customers will come back time and again because the help and guidance are the best in the industry.”
    (User in Individual and Family Services, Small Business


Some customers find Qualtrics to be very expensive and difficult to test:

CustomerGauge Users Say…


CustomerGauge users praise the platform for its NPS capabilities and sophisticated feedback management features:

  • “Implementing CustomerGauge has allowed us to develop a sophisticated customer feedback program that is easy to manage and report on. The best part of our experience with CustomerGauge has been the ongoing support and collaboration they have provided for helping us to continually improve our program.

    Easy integration with our CRM and a variety of reporting tools within the platform have also allowed us to customize our process and get important data to the right people within our organization.” (Administrator in Industrial Automation)

  • “I enjoy the ability to be able to mark an NPS score in someone else’s name (aka, distributing to the correct CSM, or bringing an additional person in to support the client) and the ability to mark a case as closed so you can easily monitor where your efforts need to lie when following up in during an NPS ask.

Reporting was also very good via CustomerGauge. Though it takes a while to set up the rules behind a sentiment report it was a very powerful tool for quickly analyzing any themes and patterns found within the data collected from a client NPS ask. The reports were something I could pull together quickly to present to senior members of staff.” (User in IT and Services, Enterprise)


One customer felt that CustomerGauge’s reporting features need improvement:

  • “I wish they had out-of-the-box reports that I could use as a starting point. It would be nice if they had a preview of report widgets/tiles or a description of what they are used for. I don't like having to add the tile to the report just to see if it's what I want.” (Administrator in Financial Services, Mid-Market)

The Pros and Cons of All 3 CX Platforms

GetFeedback, Qualtrics, and CustomerGauge are excellent CX software that functions in different ways.

Qualtrics excels as a standalone, end-to-end CX management suite that pulls data from different channels, while GetFeedback adds a CX management layer to your CRM.

CustomerGauge, however, focuses on helping you increase account sizes and revenue.

Let’s take a deeper look at each tool’s strengths and drawbacks:



  • Easy to get started. GetFeedback has an intuitive UI, making the platform easy to navigate and use. The survey templates help you design your surveys quickly.

  • Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. GetFeedback originated as a tool to help Salesforce users gain CX insights and close the loop faster based on CX data, like CSAT scores. The platform thus integrates with the Salesforce ecosystem without a hitch.

  • Versatile. Users can easily adapt GetFeedback to their needs. For example, you can collect feedback for a specific area that needs improvement – e.g., a particular product.


  • Reliance on Salesforce integration. You’ll need to integrate GetFeedback with Salesforce to translate the platform’s CX data into action. In contrast, standalone tools like Qualtrics and CustomerGauge centralize your customer experience management on their own platforms.

    So, GetFeedback’s reliance on Salesforce integration can be a pro or a con, depending on your needs and existing tech stack.

  • Not ideal for B2B businesses. Unlike Qualtrics and CustomerGauge, GetFeedback doesn’t cater well to the needs of B2B businesses. For example, the platform doesn’t tie CX to financial data and it doesn’t support customer journey orchestration for complex B2B journeys.



  • Primed for all business models. Qualtrics CoreXM is one of the most agile CX vendors and it’s suitable for B2C, B2B, and B2B2C businesses. For example, it supports dynamic case management to improve outcomes and prioritize CX efforts.

  • Text analysis and reporting features. Qualtrics adds an extra layer of reporting and analytic capabilities with sentiment analysis, text analysis, and predictive analytics. These insights help businesses take action based on customer feedback.

  • Extensive customization. Qualtrics supports deep customizations through skip and branch logics, text embeds, question types, and more. It also supports more than fifty languages.

  • Enables multiple departments. Qualtrics helps different teams, including marketing, sales, product, and customer support, collect relevant data and drive innovation with voice of customer insights. For example, marketing teams can assess product-market fit, and product teams can gauge customer sentiments toward a new product.


  • Expensive. Qualtrics provides some of the best experience management tools in the industry, but it comes with a high price tag.

  • Steep learning curve. Many users find that Qualtrics takes time to get used to and that CX teams need training to get comfortable with the interface.



  • Monitor absence of signal. CustomerGauge is the only CX platform that monitors for absence of signal, one of the key hidden churn indicators. Loss of signal refers to when customers stop interacting with your business and using your products.

  • Link CX to financial data. CustomerGauge uses monetized NPS to tie NPS scores to revenue, so businesses can estimate the ROI of CX efforts and understand the effects on their bottom line.

  • Improves response rates. CustomerGauge’s survey response rates are higher than that of competitors like Qualtrics, which typically have 1-2% response rates. On the other hand, CustomerGauge has an impressive 15%, with some partners achieving over 35% response rates.

  • Ideal for B2B businesses. Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report highlighted CustomerGauge’s B2B-focused feature set, including customer journey orchestration, multi-departmental support, and sales enablement.


  • Only for commercial purposes. CustomerGauge isn’t suitable for academic research.

  • Not suitable for B2C needs. CustomerGauge’s platform is tailored to B2B and B2B2C needs, making it too complex for B2C CX.

If you’re a B2B business looking to grow revenue and improve customer retention, CustomerGauge is the best CX platform for your needs.

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