How SmartBear Brought in $6M in Referrals with a Close | CustomerGauge How SmartBear Brought in $6M in Referrals with a Close Rate 0f 47% Using AX

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How SmartBear Brought in $6M in Referrals with a Close Rate 0f 47% Using AX

Picture walking into a board meeting and your CEO asks you what impact your experience program has had on the company.

If you're not tying NPS to revenue you can imagine how embarrassing that conversation might be. You may have even been there. Now imagine being able to pull up the data that proves you've brought in 6 million dollars worth of referral revenue, increased close rates from 30% to 47%. That is powerful! You just went from having a really bad day to being a hero within the organization.

That's exactly what Jennifer Mahoney was able to do at SmartBear.

Before she implemented CustomerGauge, there wasn't a customer success team at SmartBear. The team was assembled in February of 2017 and fully functional by June of the same year. CSMs were directly responsible and bonused on upsell and cross-sell opportunities. In a matter of 6 months, using CustomerGauge to identify those opportunities they were able to create 2.2 million dollars in new business. At the time she spoke at Monetize! Silicon Valley in September 2018, that number grew to 6 million dollars!

So the question is, how were they able to do it?

The answer is simple. By mapping out the customer journey and implementing transactional surveys they were able to get direct feedback on what customers wanted. CSMs became the point of contact and were able to grow deeper relationships and a better understanding of each customer's unique pain points. That's also how they were able to identify customers at risk of churn and achieve a save rate of 60%!

Want to learn more about how CustomerGauge's Account Experience software can help you do the same thing? Check out the video below or click here for a demo of Account Experience today.

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