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How INAP Reduced Churn By 50% With Account Experience

Quick Stats:

  • 50% reduction in churn in 2 years using Account Experience
  • Founded in 2006
  • Global footprint with over 56 data centers in 21 markets
  • Became CustomerGauge customer in 2011

Customer churn, especially when it's bad, can feel like a hopeless situation. But the good news is, there is hope—just ask TJ Waldorf from INAP. In a short span of 2 years, INAP effectively reduced their massive customer churn problem by 50% using CustomerGauge's Account Experience software and playbook. 

TJ spoke at our Silicon Valley Monetize! event about his personal journey with NPS + Account Experience. In the video below, he goes into how you need C-level buy-in to get your program off the ground, why segmentation by data points like revenue is essential for success, and ultimately how CustomerGauge was a major growth lever for the company.

So why do we love INAP's story? They're not necessarily 100% focused on the score. They use their Account Experience program to leverage the data and act on it immediately. 

TJ says "Fueled by action is probably the most important words...It's one thing to just collect the data, but in my mind it's the crux of this program is to actually do something (with the data)."

When you use your Account Experience data to focus your efforts on acting on the data, you will experience significant reductions in churn (just like INAP's 50% reduction!). 


It's pretty simple really, customers like to be heard and know you're taking their issue seriously. The simple process of acting on data immediately and resolving any issues will ensure your customers not only stay happy over the long-term, but will continue to trust you with their business. 

Want to learn more about how Account Experience can help you reduce churn? Watch the video below or click this link to see it live.

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