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Medallia vs SurveyMonkey: Which Is the Right CX Solution for You?

November 16, 2022

Medallia vs SurveyMonkey vs CustomerGauge: three heavyweights in the customer experience (CX) space, but what’s the difference between them? What does each offer, what sets them apart, and which one is the right CX solution for you?

Choosing the right CX management tool can feel overwhelming at first. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll find that there are important differences.

Medallia, for example, is known as an established enterprise CX tool, while SurveyMonkey typically caters to small businesses and offers highly adaptable, but relatively simple, surveying capabilities.

CustomerGauge is distinguished by its impressive B2B features and has even been ranked by Gartner as the #1 voice of customer platform for B2B.

Curious to find out more? Let’s get started.

Introducing Medallia, SurveyMonkey, and CustomerGauge


Medallia is a popular CX tool and one of the biggest brands in the market. Its strength lies in its versatility and ability to easily perform cross-functional tasks. In fact, it boasts the highest number of different functions compared to its competitors.

Through its sub-division, Medallia Athena, Medallia uses AI and machine learning to detect patterns, uncover issues and opportunities, and predict behavior.

Medallia typically provides CX management software to larger organizations, including those with large and complex multi-enterprise structures. It’s particularly popular among enterprises working in the financial services, technology and telecommunications, and retail sectors.


SurveyMonkey has long been known for doing exactly what its name suggests (the survey part at least, we’re not quite sure where the monkeys come in). It’s an online survey platform that was founded in 1999 and grew rapidly throughout the 2000s to become the go-to place for quick, easy (and often free) surveys.

SurveyMonkey boasts more than 20 million active users, making it by far the biggest player on the market. But, the biggest doesn’t necessarily mean the best, and, when it comes to free products it’s important to remember that you could get what you pay for.


CustomerGauge is a CX solution designed specifically with B2B brands in mind.

It helps companies manage every part of their customer experience management (CXM) program, from surveying to closing the loop on customer feedback and linking their CX data to revenue.

On that last point (combining customer insights with revenue), it’s important to note that CustomerGauge is the only solution that does this. It’s what makes the platform stand out from the rest and renders it immensely valuable.

CustomerGauge’s focus is on Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. Yet, these are complemented by other customer satisfaction and engagement metrics to give you a complete picture of your customer activity.

Medallia vs SurveyMonkey vs CustomerGauge: What Gartner Says

In 2020, Gartner released its Critical Capabilities Report, which provides a detailed account of how vendors perform against real-world use cases.

The report details product capabilities like advanced case management, customer journey orchestration, and advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics from the world’s top B2B vendors and ranks them by use case.

In the report, Gartner ranks CustomerGauge, with a score of 3.42, as the highest performing product for a tool with a B2B use case. Medallia comes 2nd with a score of 3.38 and SurveyMonkey comes 8th with a score of 2.36.


Medallia vs SurveyMonkey vs CustomerGauge: G2’s Verdict

G2 is one of the most widely used online customer survey aggregators. It also provides a useful comparison tool.

You’ll see CustomerGauge comes out on top for ease of admin, quality of support, and for its overall rating. SurveyMonkey performs slightly better in terms of its ease of use and ease of setup.


What Customers Say

Medallia Customers Say…


The majority of Medallia’s reviews are positive, many of which praise how easy it is to navigate.

  • Awesome tool! It is very easy to navigate. It enables employees to gauge their interaction with their customers and can easily monitor their performance in providing exemplary customer satisfaction.” (Technical support tier 1, enterprise)

  • Easy to use and navigate. I was thrown into my position with little training and had to use several different softwares and sites I was unfamiliar with. Medallia was by far the easiest to learn and navigate. I was able to figure out which staff I needed to work with in what areas to improve our customer service scores.” (Automotive user, mid market)


Critics, however, feel that Medallia doesn’t offer a positive experience to their end users, and that it fails to deliver on its promises.

  • Not a reliable overall picture of your business reviews. The only people who took the time to complete the surveys had a bad experience, which skewed the overall score.” (Club manager, small business)

  • We felt that Medallia were more focused on $ after we signed the agreement with them than keeping their promises!” (Customer experience director, enterprise)

SurveyMonkey Customers Say…


SurveyMonkey is also often commended for its user-friendliness. On G2, reviewers have said:

  • Need surveys? SurveyMonkey can help. Very user-friendly. The app is simple and keeps it easy to create forms with logic. If you can't figure it out, their customer service is on point and will assist you.” (Event and data management specialist, small business)

  • The industry leader for sending out surveys. SurveyMonkey is incredibly easy to use. It gives a lot of flexibility in the creation of a survey, and the backend analysis of the responses is fantastic. It gives lots of analytics that help you analyze the results.” (Senior IT systems administrator, small business)


While the majority of feedback on SurveyMonkey is positive, critics feel frustrated by having to pay after opting for the free version. Others dislike the platform’s reporting functionality.

  • Forced into purchase. Terrible free version. Unfortunately, I was forced into purchasing a $50 plan due to a flaw in the system that allows people to answer surveys though does not allow the author to view results unless you pay.” (Senior account manager, mid-market)

  • Poor value and customer service. The price simply [is] not commensurate [with] the product being received. The cheapest plan at $99 a month is missing a bunch of features that are free with other providers. Furthermore, once you actually subscribe the reporting is incredibly limited and difficult to navigate.” (CMO, small business)

CustomerGauge Customers Say…


CustomerGauge users highlight its impressive NPS capabilities and the customer service support they receive.

  • Great tool, good insights, uncommon interface. The account support is astounding. [Our CX manager] is a pro and makes sure we are taken care of. I like the ability for everyone to have a personalized look, and to share reporting inside the platform. We are able to reach out to customers near[ly] instantly so long as our employees are monitoring. That's been proven to us to impact CX as we have conducted follow-up interviews where a customer indicated this as their major point for higher satisfaction.” (Marketing research and analytics specialist, mid-market)

  • We found working with CustomerGauge was like a partnership, rather than onboarding another supplier. Using CustomerGauge, we quickly rolled out their Net Promoter program to start collecting customer feedback at many transactional touch points across the customer journey, as well as with periodic relationship and product surveys.

We optimized our CX program by adding multi-language NPS surveys, which allowed us to tap into a wider audience and increase the amount of valuable customer feedback.” (Customer success specialist, mid-market)

Pros and Cons of Each



  • Robust and flexible. Medallia’s real strengths are evident in how it handles complex company hierarchies and in how easy it is to use. Even if you’re managing data from a large organization that changes frequently, Medallia’s strength and opportunity analysis is intuitive and easy to understand.

  • Impressive features. Gartner scores Medallia highly in terms of its analytics and insight, automated action, and data collection capabilities.

  • Enterprise focus. If you’re a big business, Medallia has been built for you.


  • Expensive. Along with Qualtrics, Medallia is among the more expensive CX solutions out there.

  • Stronger for B2C. Medallia scored highest in Gartner’s ranking for B2C enterprises, making it a worthy contender if this is your business model.



  • Ease of use. SurveyMonkey is all about making it really easy to create questions and collect and analyze data from respondent groups of all sizes. This might be a few dozen people or more than a million. It’s up to you.

  • Large question bank. One of the most celebrated of SurveyMonkey’s features, the platform’s question bank provides pre-made questions that have been organized into different survey categories, including customer satisfaction, community, human resources, political, non-profit, and more.

  • Additional reporting features. SurveyMonkey can also build charts and create PDF reports.


  • Poor survey design. The outdated style of SurveyMonkey’s surveys has come under scrutiny over time. Critics argue that the design may dissuade people from responding.

  • Limited analytics and action insights. Once your survey results are in, SurveyMonkey doesn’t offer much guidance when it comes to what you should do with your results. This may or may not be a con for you, depending on whether you’re looking to use your results to make meaningful interventions to your CX, or are simply searching for high-level insight.



  • Live automated surveying. By automatically capturing and distributing feedback from your customer accounts to teams in real-time, CustomerGauge’s solution is comprehensive.

  • Customer revenue analysis. CustomerGauge helps you to understand how your customers feel about your business, demonstrates how often they engage with you, and shows how much value they bring to your business. This link, between CX and revenue, is unique to CustomerGauge and is designed to reduce customer churn, encourage upsells and cross-sells, and promote news business.

  • Closing the loop alerts. CustomerGauge helps you act on the feedback you receive by helping you to set targets and alerts for closing the loop.


  • B2B focus. CustomerGauge is specifically designed for B2B brands. That means it may not be the right fit if you’re selling directly to consumers.

  • Unfit for academic research. CustomerGauge is ideally suited for commercial contexts, rather than academic research (where platforms like SurveyMonkey are often used).

For B2B companies searching for robust solutions that both improve CX and drive revenue growth, CustomerGauge can do that and more.

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