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In their past Global Consumer Banking Survey, Ernst & Young (EY) said that opening and closing accounts are more closely tied customer experience than rates, fees or location. Moreover, traditional banks are coming in competition with the emergence of “FinTech” or Financial Technologies, which offers the streamlined customer experience that consumers are looking for. Before […]

Nicolas Bartashevich, Director of North American Sales, is the first employee in this series from the Boston office. Since starting with CustomerGauge 1 ½ years ago, he’s seen growth in both the professional accomplishments of the sales team and also how CustomerGauge is making waves in the NPS® market. What are the biggest accomplishments your […]

Boryana Boteva, Director of Customer Success Management, shared with me the professional background that led her to her position, the accomplishments of her unique team, and the best parts about working at CustomerGauge. What’s your professional background and how did it lead you to CustomerGauge? Boryana: “I joined CustomerGauge a year ago. Previously, I had […]

We’ve compiled a publicly available list of Net Promoter Scores® from the technology industry, along with opportunities for growth in the sector based on information from our most recent infographic! Thanks to our sister website, we were able to list the Net Promoter Scores for the following industries: Healthcare, Technology, Insurance, Consumer brands, Financial Services and many […]

Inundated with too much news this month? No problem—we’ve got you covered. Check out everything you missed this August 2017 at CustomerGauge with a quick round up of major content from this month.   1. [eBooks] Measuring and Acting on Customer Feedback with Monetized Net Promoter We’re thrilled to have released not one, but two eBooks […]

CustomerGauge’s product team is extremely happy to share with you our latest product updates. We put to work our creativity, while taking into account your needs to make the CustomerGauge product even more powerful. Here is a recap of the most exciting updates in August. 1. Your Login Dashboard, Your Way We believe that providing […]

Antony Laycock is CustomerGauge’s Director of Software Engineering. He has 25+ years of professional experience and has been in his current position with CustomerGauge for over a year. He was excited to share about the great developments our Engineering team has been making and what it’s like working in the beautiful Amsterdam office! What are […]

Providing a consistent customer experience (CX) is hard work. Getting everyone in your organization to run the same race is harder. Part of the struggle is simply getting information in front of the right people and stakeholders so they can stay engaged, be empowered, drive action and ensure success. In a lot of ways, good […]

Whenever we onboard a new sales person here at CustomerGauge, we have them go through a bit of a ritual: After about a week with the company, they’re asked to present on what they think we do here at the company as well as what they’ve learned so far about the Net Promoter Score® and […]

The first in our interview series with the leaders of CustomerGauge is Senior Product Manager Trishaala Chengappa. Starting off as a Client Operations Professional, then a Product Manager and now leading the Product team, Trishaala has been with CustomerGauge for six years. She recently sat down with me to give some insight on her perspective […]

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