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"Great system - functionality and reporting."
DHL Supply Chain

H&R Block

“One of the best vendors I have worked with in a 25+ year career...”
H&R Block


“Hands down the best vehicle for client feedback that I have ever used!”
Alaska Communications Systems Holdings, Inc


“Support is great and the tool is almost fully customizable to our needs.”
Eaton Electrical

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Why Us

We’re sure you have stumbled across many different experience software vendors out there. But here’s the thing—not all are created equal…especially in B2B. In fact, Gartner recently ranked us as the #1 B2B experience software on the planet! Our Account Experience software is unique and only for those who want to drive a real-return on investment from their B2B experience program.

Dedicated B2B

Built from the ground up for complex B2B account environments, our Account Experience software is designed to gather feedback from multiple stakeholders and drive real experience ROI in B2B.

Experience Monetization

We’re the only B2B software that integrates revenue with experience data in real-time so you can make better revenue-centric decisions that impact your bottom line.

Smart Automation

Whether you’re just starting your experience program or you’re an advanced practitioner, our Account Experience software will help you scale manual workload so you can focus on responding to customer feedback quicker.

Estimate Your Costs,
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We designed our pricing guide to be transparent and scale with you as you grow. Yes, we say ‘call us’ after a certain bit, but that’s just because we can probably get you a discount (don’t tell sales!). Not only that, you can even calculate how long it will take you to make back the cost of the software purchase!

30 Users for $29,800 a year

The B2B Experience Leader

The people have spoken—CustomerGauge is consistently ranked the leader for Account Experience in all major categories and quadrants!

CustomerGauge Ranked Highest For B2B Use Case in Gartner’s 2020 Critical Capabilities Report

The newly released Gartner Critical Capabilities Report positions CustomerGauge as the highest-performing VoC vendor in the market for B2B use cases.


“CustomerGauge has the top score for the enterprise B2B use case. CustomerGauge focuses on the monetization and ROI of CX programs... It succeeds in improving customer retention and loyalty, and in providing the evidence of the resultant financial benefit.” - Gartner


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