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Introducing Monetize 5: How the Upgraded Solution Is Transforming CX Revenue Tracking and Analysis

June 12, 2024

If there is one thing you should know about CustomerGauge, it's that Monetized Net Promoter Score (NPS) is integrated across our platform.

Why? Because tying monetary value to customer experience (CX) helps to understand which accounts should be a business’s main focus and helps prove to organizations that NPS drives revenue.

That's why we built a platform upgrade to bring monetized CX programs to the next level.

Welcome to CustomerGauge's Monetize 5, a complete end-to-end solution designed to maximize CX program's revenue potential.

And trust us, this is a game changer.

Let's get into it 👇

What Is Monetize 5 by CustomerGauge?

Going beyond account health, Monetize 5 streamlines revenue tracking, enhances account management and drives actionable insights for sustained growth.

By tracking revenue coverage, programs can set targets to achieve optimal results, such as our recommended best practice of 80% coverage. The upgrade enables users to assess the overall health of their accounts and design effective close-the-loop feedback action plans.

Through strategic root cause analysis, users can also identify and address pain points for their high-revenue customers.

But wait, there’s more: Monetize 5 validates program effectiveness by monitoring changes in the number of safe versus at-risk accounts from both customer loyalty and revenue perspectives.

Plus, it simulates potential value growth by improving at-risk account statuses and increasing safe accounts — have we covered it all or what?!

How does Monetize 5 differ from Monetize 4?

To take advantage of the latest Monetize 5 reporting tool, let’s help you better understand what’s different from the last iteration.

Monetize 5 introduces several enhancements over 4, providing a more robust and user-friendly experience.

  1. Data Import: While both versions support in-app and API uploads, 5.0 allows a maximum of 50,000 records per file, compared to 4.0's 2,000 records.

  2. Revenue Type and Date: 5.0 simplifies revenue types to ARR and uses the year of revenue, enhancing data consistency.

  3. Reporting: 5.0 introduces advanced widgets for detailed insights, whereas 4.0’s reporting focused strongly on account health.

  4. File/Data Management: In 5.0, uploading a new file with updated data will overwrite the existing data, streamlining updates.

Additionally, 5 offers free CustomerGauge Tech Services to assist with data migration, ensuring a seamless transition.

As always, the CustomerGauge product rockstars focused on simplifying and enhancing data handling. All while providing deeper insights and supporting larger data volumes for better revenue management.

Monetize 5: Powered by Nine New Widgets for Deeper Insights

Monetize 5 is backed by NINE new reporting widgets designed to deliver deeper insights and streamline users’ revenue tracking.

With the all-new Monetize solution, customers can expect:

High Volume Revenue Upload. Upload 25x more revenue data than before through in-app and API methods.

Enhanced Reporting Suite. Experience new reporting widgets that integrate seamlessly with your uploaded revenue data.

Simplified Data Handling. Enjoy easier date and revenue type settings, and benefit from comprehensive import statistics.

Comprehensive Account Insights. Track revenue coverage, health, and loyalty movements, and simulate growth trends.

Proactive Program Impact Reporting. Monitor the long-term impact of your CX program with detailed NPS and revenue trends.

Seamless revenue import

Monetize 5 introduces a highly efficient revenue import method, allowing you to update or add large volumes of revenue line items (don’t forget: up to 50,000 at a time!) effortlessly.

The user-friendly interface simplifies functionality, making revenue management a breeze.

Account alias flexibility

Say goodbye to mismatched account names with the new account alias feature.

Now, you can upload data directly from your revenue system without any hassle, ensuring a smooth and accurate import process.

Enhanced insights with nine new reporting widgets

From high-volume upload to simplified data handling, these nine widgets work together to take monetized CX programs to the next level.

1. Coverage % Widget: Ensure your surveys effortlessly reach all your accounts and revenue targets.

"Coverage against the Universe" — know your coverage against the customer universe. Provide your total customer universe and see how many you reached out to for feedback and what value that covers.

Coverage Widget CG
"Quality of your data" — Track how many accounts have revenue attached and how many do not. It is critical to have an accurate view of the data used for the analytics!
CG Quality of Your Data Widget

2. Account % Widget: Monitor which accounts or revenue percentages respond to your surveys for improved engagement.

3. Account Health Widget: Quickly assess if your accounts and revenue are Safe, At Risk, or Unknown, keeping you informed.

4. Account List Widget: Access a comprehensive view of all your accounts with key metrics like Revenue, NPS, and Responses.

5. Driver Value Widget: Instantly see the impact of different drivers/root cause issues that matter the most to your high-revenue customers.

6. Value Simulator Widget: Understand the financial impact of changes in NPS and what it means for your earnings.

CG Updated Revenue Simulator

7. NPS Lifecycle Widget: Segment accounts by their responses using the 80/20 rule to identify your most valuable customers.
NPS LifeCycle Widget Updated

8. Loyalty Movement Widget: Track account and revenue movements between Safe, At Risk, and Unknown statuses over various survey periods to stay on top of loyalty trends.

9. NPS & Revenue Trend: Keep an eye out for updates regarding our NPS & Revenue Trend widget! Coming soon.

These widgets provide unmatched visibility into your revenue and customer health, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with confidence!

Ready to Elevate Your CX Program’s Revenue Potential?

It’s safe to say there wasn’t a stone left unturned when creating our ultimate monetization solution. Monetize 5 was designed solely for next-level monetized CX programs to increase revenue and drive growth.

From high-volume upload to simplified data handling, everything you need and more is all in one place.

So, what do you say — ready to get started?! Reach out to our team today and they’ll show you the monetization magic live.

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