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Typeform vs Qualtrics CoreXM: Which CX Survey Software Is Best?

November 16, 2022

Typeform and Qualtrics are both well-known surveying tools, but they come with significant differences.

For example, Typeform exclusively offers surveying capabilities, with users typically preferring it for its affordable plans, default translations, and ease of use.

On the other hand, Qualtrics has a much more mature feature set with more advanced reporting features. For this reason, Qualtrics CoreXM is typically favored by businesses and higher education establishments looking to invest in foundational research.

However, B2B brands prioritizing sales enablement and revenue expansion through upselling, cross-selling, and B2B referral marketing should consider CustomerGauge. Built specifically for B2B contexts, it’s a powerful tool for cutting customer churn and driving growth.

In this review, we’ve compared the strengths and weaknesses of Typeform, Qualtrics CoreXM, and CustomerGauge to help you choose the right platform for your needs.

Introducing Typeform, Qualtrics CoreXM, and CustomerGauge


Typeform is a versatile surveying tool that makes it easy to set up and customize forms, surveys, quizzes, and asynchronous videos.

Typeform is a popular choice for small-to-medium sized businesses that need to collect customer feedback and build customer loyalty, without overshooting their marketing budgets.

Its goal is to make things easier for both you and your customers through beautifully designed surveys.

Further, the tool also boasts more than 120 integrations — far more than what competitors like Qualtrics offer. For example, Typeform integrates with funneling tools like ClickFunnels, making it easy to book meetings with prospects and qualify them.

  • Price: Typeform offers a free plan with limited features. The company’s paid plans start at $25/month.

  • Best for: Businesses of all sizes that need highly customizable survey software.

  • Top 3 industries: Marketing and Advertising, Computer Software, and IT.

  • Customer service G2 rating: 8.3 for Quality of Support.

  • G2 score: 4.5

Qualtrics CoreXM

Qualtrics is an established experience management solutions provider with a suite of tools for managing employee, brand, customer, and product experiences.

Qualtrics CXM is the brand’s foundational research tool for analyzing survey data and understanding your target audience. Where Typeform aims for elegant design and ease of use, Qualtrics is designed to provide a complete CX solution.

Qualtrics primarily caters to Enterprise needs, letting users analyze structured and unstructured data and take action based on insights. The platform is excellent for performing market research and collecting feedback, such as pricing research or event feedback.

  • Price: Contact Qualtrics for a custom quote.

  • Best for: Medium-to-large-sized Enterprises.

  • Top 3 industries: Higher Education, Education Management, Research.

  • Customer service G2 rating: 8.7 for Quality of Support.

  • G2 score: 4.4


CustomerGauge is a CX surveying platform that helps B2B companies manage customer experience programs, grow account sizes, and tie CX to revenue.

The tool relies on Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to capture customer sentiments and combines insights with the likes of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES) to give you a deeper understanding of how customers feel.

While software that’s strictly for surveying focuses on data collection, CustomerGauge is an end-to-end CX solution that helps you leverage CX data to grow existing accounts through referral marketing, upsells, and cross-sells.

The platform’s Account Experience™(AX) helps businesses improve customer retention and ties CX to revenue to understand how CX decisions and initiatives impact their bottom line.

  • Price: Starts at just under $1000/user annually.

  • Best for: Mid-market and Enterprise B2B and B2B2C companies aiming to grow account sizes and reduce churn.

  • Top 3 industries: High-Tech, Business Services, Manufacturing.

  • Customer service G2 rating: 9.6 for Quality of Support.

  • G2 score: 4.6

Gartner’s Verdict: Qualtrics vs CustomerGauge

Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report assessed top CX vendors for their B2B Enterprise capabilities. The evaluation vetted 14 leading vendors, including Qualtrics and CustomerGauge.

Typeform was likely excluded because it’s primarily a CX surveying software and not an end-to-end CX solution

Qualtrics scored in second for enabling B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses, establishing itself as a well-rounded CX partner. Meanwhile, Gartner ranked CustomerGauge as the #1 voice of customer (VoC) platform for B2B and B2B2C enterprise needs.

Typeform vs Qualtrics CoreXM vs CustomerGauge: According to G2

G2 reviewers have shared their experiences with the three tools and CustomerGauge secured the highest overall star rating. Typeform scored the highest for meeting requirements and ease of use and setup.

CustomerGauge scored first for ease of admin, quality of support, being a good business partner, and product direction. While Qualtrics has respectable scores, it didn’t top any of the categories.

How Customers Feel About Typeform vs Qualtrics CoreXM

Typeform Customers Say…


Typeform is praised for its ease of use and integration:

  • “Intuitive and friendly menus help make the form creation process quick and easy. UI is sleek, and response times are generally fairly fast. Also, when the platform experiences issues, you are quickly notified and updated in regular intervals.” (Enterprise and Operations Analyst, Mid-Market)

  • “The most helpful element of Typeform is the ease of integrating any forms with different software. If someone fills in a feedback form from us, I can have all/a selection of questions automatically sent to my email, to my private Slack, or to a group Slack. It's easy to set up and use.” (Administrator in Primary/Secondary Education, Mid-Market)


Customers like Typeform’s simplicity, but some have pointed out the platform’s limitations:

  • “Not thrilled about the lack of advanced question types and while the surface-level response overview for interpreting results is nice, it does not help you interpret the response data to some of the more non-standard questions such as Ranking questions, etc.” (CEO, Small Business)

  • “Reporting is very basic, and while you can see the number of people who started your survey you are not able to see partial responses. This is unfortunate as partial responses can be just as informative as full submissions.” (Marketing Director, Mid-Market)

Qualtrics CoreXM Customers Say…


Customers praise the platform’s exceptional customer support and data collection capabilities:

  • “The most helpful aspect of Qualtrics is actually their customer support. While I was doing data collection, there were times that I needed further assistance to understand the workflow and next steps of my project. Their attention to detail and friendly staff set them apart from their competition. The upsides of having a dedicated and loyal team mean customers will come back time and again because the help and guidance are the best in the industry.” (User in Individual and Family Services, Small Business)

  • “A great overall experience of collecting data (surveys and interviews) and then the number of options it gives to the user to analyze the data it has collected from the clients or employees or stakeholders. The level of automation that you get in terms of scheduling the surveys or interviews. The types of questions you can ask or record in the system also give a lot of power to the users to extract meaningful insights.”

(Assistant Manager, Client Growth and Development, Mid-Market)


Some customers found Qualtrics’s pricing plans to be too expensive, and they explained that the interface is not intuitive:

  • “Qualtrics is not particularly intuitive. The first time I set out to use the product, I did it in a course and so I had ample opportunities to ask my professor and to ask others who had used Qualtrics before all of the questions and reservations I had. Since then I have been able to help others in my industry use it, but I do not think I would have been able to intuitively figure it out on my own without the help of online tutorials or my class.”
    (Volunteer Coordinator, Small Business)

  • “Qualtrics is very expensive and also some of the different services are not well integrated. I wish the reporting tools were a little more advanced.” (User in Building Material, Enterprise)

CustomerGauge Users Say…


Users praise CustomerGauge for its versatility and sophisticated CX management features:

  • “I enjoy the ability to mark an NPS score in someone else’s name (aka, distributing to the correct CSM, or bringing an additional person in to support the client) and the ability to mark a case as closed so you can easily monitor where you efforts need to lie when following up in during an NPS ask. Reporting was also very good via CustomerGauge. Though it takes a while to set up the rules behind a sentiment report it was a very powerful tool for quickly analyzing any themes and patterns found within the data collected from a client NPS ask. The reports were something I could pull together quickly to present to senior members of staff.” (User in IT and Services, Enterprise)

  • “Implementing CustomerGauge has allowed us to develop a sophisticated customer feedback program that is easy to manage and report on. The best part of our experience with CustomerGauge has been the ongoing support and collaboration they have provided for helping us to continually improve our program.

    Easy integration with our CRM and a variety of reporting tools within the platform have also allowed us to customize our process and get important data to the right people within our organization.” (Administrator in Industrial Automation)


One customer highlighted how CustomerGauge’s reporting has room for improvement:

  • “I wish they had out-of-the-box reports that I could use as a starting point. It would be nice if they had a preview of report widgets/tiles or a description of what they are used for. I don't like having to add the tile to the report just to see if it's what I want.” (Administrator in Financial Services, Mid-Market)

The Pros and Cons of the 3 CX Platforms

Typeform and Qualtrics both have exceptional surveying capabilities, but each has its own strengths and drawbacks. Typeform is strong on the surveying side, however, it lacks the robust analytics and reporting features that Qualtrics CoreXM offers.

In contrast, Qualtrics CoreXM is a powerful research tool, and CustomerGauge is the CX vendor of choice for B2B needs.

Let’s take a closer look at what each platform has to offer.



  • Ease of use. Typeform has an intuitive user interface (UI) and the platform makes it easy to fully customize your forms with zero coding.

  • Lots of integrations. Typeform supports over 120 integrations, making it a powerful tool for collecting feedback or information from different channels and pushing the information to important software (like your CRM).

  • Translations and multilingual support. Most established survey software include multilingual support for questions, but Typeform offers a unique additional feature: translation. The tool translates messages, questions, and even errors into 24 different languages.


  • Limited reporting and analytics features. Platforms like Qualtrics are designed for full-fledged customer experience management, but Typeform is focused on surveying customers. Thus, Typeform’s analytics and reporting features are limited. For example, users can’t sort responses by filters or access partial responses.

  • Not suitable for B2B needs. B2B businesses have multiple decision-makers, different account sizes, and more complex customer journeys. Typeform isn’t suited for these complexities. For example, it doesn’t offer guidance to help target key stakeholders within an account.

Qualtrics CoreXM


  • Works for any business model. Qualtrics scored in second place in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report for B2C, B2B, and B2C2B businesses, making it a well-rounded platform for all types of businesses.

  • Extensive research, reporting, and analytics features. Qualtrics CoreXM provides all the features you might need for any purpose. However, this can make it a little overwhelming.

  • Extensive support. Qualtrics’s multilingual support for 50 languages is impressive in its own right, but the platform also supports different data types, including graphics and multimedia content.


  • Hefty price tag. Qualtrics’s products are expensive in general, and CoreXM is no different. Many reviewers shared that it’s quite pricey.



  • Grow account sizes. Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report ranked CustomerGauge #1 for B2B and B2B2C, and highlighted the platform’s sales-enablement features. CustomerGauge helps B2B businesses identify accounts that are ripe for increasing revenue through upsells, cross-sells, and referral marketing.

  • Go beyond traditional churn reduction. While many CX survey software help identify customer sentiments, CustomerGauge additionally helps you respond to them and fight churn. It’s also the only platform that currently monitors absence of signal, a key churn indicator.

  • Close the loop faster. The CustomerGauge platform helps your support agents close the loop quickly by setting SMART goals and time targets, so team members know exactly who to follow up with and when.

CustomerGauge lets you set targets and alerts for closing the loop at every level—including the frontline, management, and executive levels.


  • B2B focus. CustomerGauge’s focus on B2B experience is a strength and a weakness. It's great for B2B and B2B2C brands, but B2C businesses may benefit more from an alternative, like TypeForm or Qualtrics.

  • Built for commercial purposes. Some platforms like Qualtrics are widely used for academic purposes, but CustomerGauge is specific to commercial needs.

Ready to increase your B2B brand’s revenue and fight churn? CustomerGauge is right there with you.

Book a demo to learn more!

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