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5 Qualtrics Alternatives for B2B Companies (According to Gartner)

March 2, 2023

Looking for Qualtrics alternatives to help you find out what your customers are thinking, boost your CX program, and improve retention rates?

Take a look at these five CX tools and management solutions, all highly rated by Gartner.

We’ve included a range of options to suit different B2B companies, from simpler surveying solutions to more comprehensive CX management platforms.

So, whatever your needs, there’s a solid option for you here.

5 Qualtrics Alternatives for B2B Companies

1. CustomerGauge

Ranked as the best CXM tool for B2B companies according to Gartner’s 2020 Critical Capabilities report, CustomerGauge is a worthy Qualtrics alternative to consider.


Built on CustomerGauge’s innovative Account ExperienceTM methodology, the platform is designed specifically for B2B organizations with complex account structures involving multiple stakeholders. It allows you a clear overview of all your accounts, so you can quickly see which are healthy, at risk of churn, and ready for upselling opportunities.

While CustomerGauge boasts powerful survey functionality, it’s much more than a survey tool.

It lets you join the dots between your CX and your revenue, so you’ll have hard data to back up the value of your CX program.

With CustomerGauge you can:

  • Collect and analyze VoC data from multiple sources (such as NPS, support contact, and product usage) within one platform

  • Build, send, and manage surveys at multiple levels of a customer account (the platform allows you to easily visualize account hierarchies)

  • Close the loop by setting SMART goals and time targets, so each member of your team knows who they’re responsible for following up with

  • Receive alerts when a customer account is at risk of churn, so you can step in and take action

  • Find out which accounts are ripe for referral or upselling opportunities, allowing you to grow revenue through your CX program

  • Prioritize fixing CX issues for your highest value accounts

Pricing: Contact our sales team for details.

G2 score: 4.6/5

How does CustomerGauge compare to Qualtrics?

While CustomerGauge ranks as Gartner’s top CXM tool for B2B, Qualtrics comes close behind in third place. So how do the two platforms compare?

First, Qualtrics is a powerful all-purpose research tool, which is suitable for both B2B and B2C companies. On the other hand, CustomerGauge’s dashboard and reporting capabilities are specifically designed for managing complex B2B relationships; it’s not set up for B2C.

Users report that Qualtrics is highly effective for gathering feedback, but it’s not as strong when it comes to actioning the data that comes into the platform. In contrast, at CustomerGauge we focus on measuring feedback and the drivers behind it and then making that feedback actionable straight away.

Finally, CustomerGauge users benefit from the expertise of our in-house support team, who have dozens of years of experience in implementing successful VoC campaigns. As Qualtrics outsources implementation and customer service, some users have found that they didn’t get the level of support they needed to make the most of the platform.

Should you choose CustomerGauge?

CustomerGauge’s account-based approach makes it the ideal choice for midsize to enterprise-level B2B companies, as it allows you to track, analyze, and respond to interactions with multiple account stakeholders.

The platform’s Monetized Net Promoter® tool gives you a powerful insight into the link between an account’s value and its NPS, so you can use your CX data to help you identify the most profitable business opportunities to pursue.

CustomerGauge users praise the platform’s strong case management capabilities, in-depth reporting functionality, and the invaluable support they receive from the CustomerGauge team.

2. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow bills itself as an “omnichannel experience management platform,” providing insight into customer, employee, product, marketing, and sales experience.

The strength of its CX solution lies in the versatility of its surveying capabilities. In particular, it lets you customize chatbots that can be embedded on your website, providing a simple and engaging way to collect feedback from customers. The ability to create offline surveys is another useful feature.

Pricing: SurveySparrow has pricing options to suit a range of budgets, from small businesses to large enterprises. It’s worth noting that each package covers only a certain number of survey responses per month—after that, you pay per response.

G2 score: 4.4/5

How does SurveySparrow compare to Qualtrics?

While Qualtrics is a very well-established surveying and customer feedback brand, SurveySparrow is less well-known.

However, this doesn’t necessarily make Qualtrics better. SurveySparrow is more affordable, more versatile, and great for brands that simply need to survey their customers.

According to reviews on TrustRadius, SurveySparrow outperforms Qualtrics in terms of survey reporting and analysis, survey distribution tools, and administration and security. However, Qualtrics can do a lot more than just surveys.

Should you choose SurveySparrow?

If you’re a smaller organization looking for more budget-friendly alternatives to Qualtrics, SurveySparrow could work well for you.

Reviewers appreciated the attractive and intelligent design of the surveys, and the ability to reach customers across multiple platforms. Some found it difficult to navigate all the different features of the tool, however.

A good option if you’re in the market for a survey-focused CX tool, rather than one that offers more in-depth actionable insights into customer accounts.

3. GetFeedback (Momentive)

GetFeedback is owned by the same parent company as the survey platform SurveyMonkey and offers similar survey-building capabilities. But its integration with Salesforce allows it to be used as a broader CX management tool.

The tool is simple to use and provides plenty of guidance if you’re new to creating surveys. And once they’re created, you can streamline your workflow by automating survey distribution and assigning follow-up tasks to particular team members.

To make the most of the VoC data you collect, you can export it into Salesforce, where you can analyze it in the context of your other customer interactions.

Pricing: GetFeedback offers three levels of plan (Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate) with customized pricing.

G2 score: 4.5/5

How does GetFeedback compare to Qualtrics?

One of the reasons why Qualtrics is so well-known is that it works well for a wide range of different businesses—including B2B and B2C brands. GetFeedback, on the other hand, was designed for B2C brands.

It’s important to note that while Qualtrics is targeted at large enterprises, GetFeedback has more users among medium-sized businesses.

Should you choose GetFeedback?

GetFeedback could be a good alternative to Qualtrics, if you’re looking for a CX platform that’s simpler and more user-friendly (Qualtrics is a powerful tool, but the tech can be complicated to get the hang of).

Reviewers found the Salesforce integration to be invaluable, because they could use it to see the impact of CX on other aspects of their business, including revenue and retention. But arguably this integration is also a limitation: without it, GetFeedback is essentially a survey platform, not a complete CX tool.

4. InMoment Customer Experience (formerly Wootric)

InMoment Customer Experience is a comprehensive CX management platform that offers a consultative approach. The InMoment team works with you closely to develop your VoC program.

You can create, manage, and analyze customer surveys, all within the platform. But you can also integrate with other apps and trigger surveys to be sent out automatically when certain customer interactions or events occur.

The platform can be used by multiple teams in your organization, so you can assign follow-up tasks to the right team members and quickly close the loop on negative feedback.

The tool lets you turn the VoC data you collect into meaningful reports, to help you make the case for improving CX within your company.

Pricing: InMoment offers three levels of plan (CoreCX, Enterprise, and Custom), all with customized pricing.

G2 score: 4.7/5

How does InMoment compare to Qualtrics?

While Qualtrics scores a score of 3.22 from Gartner in the B2B use case, InMoment trails with a score of 2.62. That means that, while InMoment has many perks, it might not be the right solution for B2B brands.

In fact, Gartner gives InMoment a 5/5 for the B2C use case, and the site’s reviews suggest that this software outperforms Qualtrics in many different categories, including data collection, analysis and insight, support for large businesses, and ease of deployment.

Should you choose InMoment?

InMoment could work well for you if you like your CX software with a human touch, as many reviewers mentioned the great partnership they had developed with the IM support team.

Some users found that it wasn’t always straightforward to implement integrations with other apps, and they would have liked to have used a wider variety of apps alongside the platform.

But they appreciated that the platform dashboard made it easy to get an overview of feedback and monitor their CX performance all in one place.

5. Forsta

Forsta was formed from a merger of industry leaders Confirmit, FocusVision, and Dapresy in 2021. It offers typical VoC platform capabilities—survey creation, insight analysis, and visualization of data.

But Gartner also highlights the platform’s ability to enable marketing departments, as it includes a number of tools specifically focused on market research. For example, there’s the option to use the platform for telephone and focus group interviews, not just surveys.

Forsta does feature some management tools to help you act on the insights you gather, but its overall emphasis is more on collecting and measuring data, rather than taking action.

Pricing: Customized (but at the higher-cost end of CX management solutions).

G2 score: 4.2/5

How does Forsta compare to Qualtrics?

Gartner’s Critical Capabilities Report put Qualtrics ahead of Forsta (then Confirmit) for the enterprise B2B use case back in 2020. However, customer reviews now identify a number of advantages of Forsta’s solution over its competitor.

For example, customers report that the solution’s support is better than that of Qualtrics in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C use cases. And they put Forsta ahead in terms of ease of deployment, pricing, and technical support.

Should you choose Forsta?

Forsta boasts a large number of different features, and users report that the company offers effective training to help you get to grips with all the tools. Still, some reviewers found the tools too complex and commented that a degree of confidence with programming or coding was necessary to get the most out of them.

That many features also mean a higher price tag, so if you were on the hunt for Qualtrics CoreXM alternatives suitable for a lower budget, Forsta may not be the right choice for you.

But the platform gets Gartner’s highest score for enabling B2B2C organizations. Many of its VoC programs are based around the B2B2C model, and it supports various B2B2C hierarchy structures.

CustomerGauge: A Qualtrics Alternative That Puts B2B Front and Center

CustomerGauge is the CX management tool for B2B companies. Use the platform to find out what your customers are thinking at all levels of an account, turn their experience around to reduce churn, and know when the time is right to upsell and grow your business.

Interested? Get started here.

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