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The Ultimate Customer Loyalty Course to Achieve Happy Customers

January 3, 2023

Loyal customers are one of your greatest assets because they’re more likely to buy from you again and help you grow through referrals.

However, it’s surprising how many B2B businesses aren’t fully utilizing customer loyalty to drive growth.

According to CustomerGauge’s The State of B2B Account Experience report, 63% of B2B companies aren’t tracking referrals as a result of their B2B experience programs.

Meanwhile, 65% of these businesses don’t link their loyalty data to their cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

The crucial point is this: maintaining a loyal customer base is about more than just stopping customer churn — it’s also a key part of increasing revenue and too many B2B businesses are letting valuable revenue opportunities slip by.

That’s why CustomerGauge’s Achieving Customer Loyalty course not only explains how to build and cultivate customer loyalty, but also how to leverage it to grow your business.

In this ultimate customer loyalty course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of customer loyalty, how to build a loyal customer base, and the role of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework in delivering stellar customer experiences.

This is the very same framework CustomerGauge uses to generate over $100k in referral revenue or marketing collateral annually.

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Why Businesses Need to Understand & Prioritize Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty, in all its different types, is a powerful tool for businesses to increase growth.

Focusing on customer loyalty in your business can help you to:

  • Reduce acquisition costs. An often overlooked benefit of customer loyalty is its potential to reduce acquisition costs. Rather than focusing on new customer acquisition, an attention to improving loyalty through customer experience can help you improve customer lifetime value (CLTV), reduce churn, and drive profitable referral channels.

Don’t get us wrong — businesses with loyal customers still need to acquire new ones. But they’ll get more value from their existing customer base, too.

  • Grow revenue through loyalty programs. According to Harvard Business Review, businesses with strong customer loyalty programs grow revenue 2.5X faster than competitors. Some studies revealed that 72% of customers that have a positive experience with a brand have an increased likelihood of sharing their experience with at least six people.

  • Leverage promoters for customer referrals. One of the most important revenue streams for B2B brands is customer referrals. By focusing on customer loyalty, you’ll increase your number of NPS promoters and drive revenue.

In a recent interview, CustomerGauge’s VP for Education and Program Development and the instructor for Achieving Customer Loyalty, Cary T. Self, explained:

“With loyalty, while you’re gaining great insight on how healthy your relationship is and building trust, you’re also in the process of gathering an entire network of people that want to bring you more business.”

Loyalty is a powerful driver of business growth and you can learn more in our ultimate loyalty course.

CustomerGauge’s Ultimate Customer Loyalty Course

The Achieving Customer Loyalty course provides learners with the foundational knowledge to understand the framework of customer loyalty and how to strengthen loyalty using a Net Promoter® system.

You’ll also be introduced to CustomerGauge’s Account Experience (AX) program and methodology, to help you optimize your customer loyalty processes through better customer experiences.

The course is available in two tiers:Gold and Platinum.

Achieving Customer Loyalty: Gold Tier

The Achieving Customer Loyalty Gold tier is intended for executives, including the C-Suite and Executive Sponsor, as well as frontline professionals including owners of customer relationships.

The tier explains the role of the Executive Sponsor and offers a high-level overview of the frontline team’s and Program Champion’s responsibilities. It also outlines the responsibilities of CX professionals at the frontline.

Course breakdown:

The course starts off with a brief introduction video, and the core content is divided into three sections: a) Customer Loyalty, b) Building Customer Loyalty, and c) The Net Promoter Framework.

a. Customer Loyalty explores what customer loyalty is, benchmarks for customer loyalty, and the role of referrals in capitalizing on customer loyalty.

b. Building Customer Loyalty addresses how satisfaction is not an indicator of customer loyalty, and how businesses can actually nurture loyal customers. It also covers emotions and their different clusters which can either destroy or create loyalty.

c. The Net Promoter Framework covers everything you need to know to get started with Net Promoter, the most widely used system for measuring customer loyalty NPS metric. You’ll learn about how effective the framework is and discover the success of “loyalty leaders” like Apple and LEGO, so you can steal some of their strategies.


  • Nine PDF files containing transcriptions for each module.

  • Practice quizzes for each section.

  • Cost: $79

  • Duration: 4-5 hours of course content; 15 additional hours of supplemental content.

Achieving Customer Loyalty: Platinum Tier

The Achieving Customer Loyalty Platinum tier is intended for the Program Champion andOwner, who is typically responsible for program creation, management, and communication.

This extensive tier offers detailed content to arm Program Owners with the essentials needed to own successful CX/AX programs.

Course breakdown:

As with the Gold tier, the Platinum tier starts off with a brief introduction video, and the course itself is sorted under the same three sections: a) Customer Loyalty, b) Building Customer Loyalty, and c) The Net Promoter Framework.

However, the Platinum tier has an extra module in each section. These are:

  1. Customer Lifetime Value. This section explores the lifetime value of a customer and its exponential relationship with retention rate.

  2. Designing Customer Experiences. This section highlights the importance of treating each touchpoint as a customer experience, at least while designing your experience program. It also addresses the importance of B2B referral marketing.

  3. Bad Profit. This module explores the concept of “bad profits” – i.e., profits coming from NPS detractors. Bad profits indicate that some customers (i.e. your detractors) are not getting sufficient value from your business.


  • Twelve PDF files containing transcriptions for each module.

  • Practice quizzes for each section.

  • Cost: $99

  • Duration: 7-8 hours of course content; 20 additional hours of supplemental content.

How You’ll Learn

The course modules are taught through on-demand video sessions that you can access from the CustomerGauge Academy. Download the transcriptions as .pdf files or view them directly from your browser.

Each course also comes with an option to ask questions directly from the instructor, using the “Ask Question” tab. Users can also “Start a Discussion” as they go along.

At the end of each section, you’ll be asked to take a quiz to test your knowledge and make sure you’ve understood the essential concepts. Alternatively, you can access any of the quizzes directly from the “Quiz Builder” tab.

Meet Your Instructor

The Achieving Customer Loyalty course is designed by Cary T. Self, CustomerGauge’s Global VP of Education and Program Development. Prior to joining the CustomerGauge team, Cary was a CustomerGauge customer for three years.

Cary believes that a strong culture and happy employees help businesses deliver the best customer experiences and enable you to build loyalty:

“I think it’s a pretty simple equation. If you have a strong culture and your employees are happy and motivated, they will take care of your customers.”

Cary’s appreciation of culture and his people-first approach is reflected in the Achieving Customer Loyalty course’s design and content.


The “Achieving Customer Loyalty” course provides students with the foundational knowledge to build and nurture customer loyalty. The Academy doesn’t assume the viewer has prior knowledge of any of the core concepts so each module covers the core concepts from scratch.

There’s also plenty of supporting material to help students dive deeper into different topics. Overall, there are no formal prerequisites for the course.

Is the “Achieving Customer Loyalty” Course Right for You?

Businesses with loyal customer bases have more opportunities to increase their revenue and grow.

So, whether you’re a frontline CX professional or a C-level executive, the Achieving Customer Loyalty course offers valuable insights into what makes customers loyal and how to cultivate loyalty in your own business.

The course also explores a concept that makes up one of CustomerGauge’s core focuses: leveraging CX to increase revenue. Specifically, Achieving Customer Loyalty covers the importance of referrals, including which customers are primed to engage in referral marketing.

At CustomerGauge, we earn our growth and leverage referral marketing to generate over $100k+ in referral revenue or marketing collateral each year.

Creating a loyal customer base is key to reducing acquisition costs, increasing revenue gains, and ensuring your business grows sustainably. The Achieving Customer Loyalty course is designed to give CX teams actionable advice on how to build and maintain loyal customer bases.

Sign up for the Achieving Customer Loyalty course today!

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