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5 Medallia Alternatives for B2B Companies (According to Gartner)

March 2, 2023

On the lookout for Medallia alternatives to understand your customers better and improve their experience?

Take a look at these five customer experience (CX) tools and management solutions, all highly rated by Gartner.

We listed a variety of options to suit B2B companies of different budgets, sizes, and structures.

Whether you want a more straightforward surveying solution or a fully comprehensive CX management platform, there’s something for you here.

5 Medallia Alternatives for B2B Companies

1. CustomerGauge

CustomerGauge ranked as the best CXM tool for B2B companies according to Gartner’s 2020 Critical Capabilities report.

So, it’s well worth considering if you want a Medallia alternative that offers similar CX management features but is shaped to meet the specific needs of B2B.


Building on our innovative Account ExperienceTM methodology, we’ve designed a platform to suit B2B organizations working with complex account structures containing multiple stakeholders.

It gives a clear overview of all your accounts, drawing on both direct and indirect sources of feedback to show you which are healthy and which are at risk so you can step in and take action.

One especially powerful feature is CustomerGauge’s Monetized Net Promoter® tool.

This enables you to make connections between an account’s value and its NPS to turn your CX data into a revenue driver for your business.

With CustomerGauge you can:

  • Create, send, and manage surveys at different levels of a customer account (account hierarchies are easily visualized on the platform)

  • Gather VoC data from multiple sources (such as NPS, support contact, and product usage), generate insights, and produce reports—all on the same platform

  • Close the loop with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based) goals and time targets, assigning tasks to relevant team members

  • Receive a churn alert from at-risk accounts so you can take prompt action

  • Uncover accounts that are ready for referral or upselling opportunities

  • Prioritize resolving CX problems for your highest-value accounts

Pricing: Contact our sales team for details.

G2 score: 4.6/5

How does CustomerGauge compare to Medallia?

Medallia comes in at second from the top in Gartner’s ranking of CXM tools for B2B companies, just beneath CustomerGauge.

On G2, Medallia is rated 4.4 overall, compared to CustomerGauge’s 4.6.

G2 reviewers give the two platforms similarly high scores for meeting requirements, ease of use, and product direction. However, CustomerGauge ranks higher for ease of setup and admin, quality of support, and being a good partner.

Should you choose CustomerGauge?

CustomerGauge’s account-based approach makes the platform a powerful solution for midsize to enterprise-level B2B companies. You can easily visualize complex account hierarchies, identify disengaged or unhappy stakeholders, and target your CX efforts where they will make the most impact.

Existing CustomerGauge users speak highly of the platform’s strong case management capabilities and in-depth reporting functionality, as well as the invaluable support received from the CustomerGauge team.

Also, if you’re a customer success manager who’s ever felt under pressure to prove the value of your CX program to your C-Suite, CustomerGauge has the answer.

We focus on the monetization and ROI of CX programs by helping you improve retention, reduce churn, and manage advocacy initiatives. And then we give you the hard data you need to demonstrate the financial benefits of your efforts.

2. Qualtrics

Like Medallia, Qualtrics is another big name in the world of experience management (XM) (Gartner ranks it third for B2B).

Their XM platform provides extensive data management, analytics, and workflow capabilities, and you can also make use of dedicated solutions focused on the customer, product, brand, and employee experience.

Qualtrics is popular in academic contexts, MBA courses, for example, as a survey tool. But the platform’s strong data collection and analytical functionalities also make it a powerful resource for understanding the customer experience.

Primarily a self-service tool, Qualtrics offers high flexibility, giving you a great deal of freedom in administering your own CX projects on the platform.

Pricing: Qualtrics’s simple survey tool is available for free; customized pricing applies for its XM platform and other solutions.

G2 score: 4.3/5

How does Qualtrics compare to Medallia?

Qualtrics is ranked third by Gartner for the B2B enterprise use case, with a score of 3.22 (behind Medallia’s 3.38). Meanwhile, G2 scores Qualtrics at 4.3, just behind Medallia’s 4.4.

While both companies are very well-reviewed, the Qualtrics alternative Medallia typically outperforms Qualtrics in specific factors, including ease of use, quality of support, and product direction. Qualtrics is rated higher than Medallia in terms of its ease of setup.

Should you choose Qualtrics?

Qualtrics users report that Qualtrics is a highly effective research tool, but not as strong when it comes to actioning the data that comes in to the platform. (At CustomerGauge, we focus on measuring feedback and the drivers behind it, and then making that feedback instantly actionable.)

Others found the platform, with its many tools, is complicated to get to grips with. They experienced difficulties customizing surveys and they didn’t always receive the help they were looking for from the Qualtrics support team.

But, ultimately, Qualtrics is an innovative and highly versatile platform that supports research efforts for a wide range of organizations — from the smallest businesses to huge academic institutions.

3. SurveySparrow

Billing itself as an “Omnichannel Experience Management Platform,” SurveySparrow provides insight into customer, product, sales, marketing, and employee experience.

As a CX solution, its strength lies in the wide range of surveys you can create. One stand-out feature is the ability to customize chatbots to embed in your website, which then give you a simple and engaging way to gather feedback from your customers.

CES, CSAT, and NPS surveys are all supported, and surveys can be automated and shared across different channels.

Pricing: SurveySparrow has pricing options to suit a range of budgets, from small businesses to large enterprises. But note that each package covers only a certain number of survey responses per month; after that you pay per response.

G2 score: 4.4/5

How does SurveySparrow compare to Medallia?

While Medallia is typically used by large enterprises, SurveySparrow is aimed at smaller businesses. And it has a much more modest price tag to match.

What’s more, SurveySparrow is designed primarily for its surveying features, at which it excels. For example, its survey analysis, distribution, and management are high quality.

However, Medallia does a lot more by offering a full CX management platform.

Should you choose SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow could work well for you if you’re a smaller organization looking for a more budget-friendly Medallia alternative.

Reviewers really liked the attractive and intelligent design of the surveys, and how they could be used to reach customers across multiple platforms. However, some did find the different features of the tool difficult to navigate.

In essence, SurveySparrow is a solid option if you only need a survey-focused CX tool, and not a comprehensive XM platform (such as CustomerGauge).

4. GetFeedback (Momentive)

GetFeedback offers similar survey-building capabilities to its better-known sibling SurveyMonkey (they’re both owned by the same parent company). But GetFeedback benefits from an integration with Salesforce that allows it to be used as a broader CX management tool.

The software is suitable for users who are new to creating surveys, as the process is simple and plenty of guidance is provided along the way. You can also streamline your workflows by automating survey distribution and assigning follow-up tasks to appropriate members of your team.

Any voice of customer (VoC) data you gather can then be exported into Salesforce, to analyze it for insights in the context of your other customer interactions.

Pricing: GetFeedback offers three levels of plan (Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate) with customized pricing.

G2 score: 4.5/5

How does GetFeedback compare to Medallia?

Medallia performs well in the B2B use case, while GetFeedback is much more widely used in B2C contexts (although it does have B2B functionality).

Meanwhile, GetFeedback is typically aimed at medium-sized businesses and Medallia at larger enterprises. In terms of industries, GetFeedback has more users in technology and software, while Medallia is more frequently used by companies in hospitality and retail.

G2’s collection of reviews suggests that Medallia outperforms GetFeedback in terms of NPS and CES survey capabilities, while GetFeedback excels at CSAT.

Should you choose GetFeedback?

Like SurveySparrow, GetFeedback provides a more budget-friendly alternative to Medallia.

Plus, if you’re just starting out with CX research, you might benefit from the tool’s simple survey-creation process.

Reviewers found the Salesforce integration especially useful. They appreciated how it helped them see the impact of CX on other aspects of their business, including retention and revenue. However, it’s worth noting that without this integration, GetFeedback is essentially a survey platform, rather than a complete CX tool.

5. NICE Satmetrix

NICE Satmetrix is a CX tool primarily aimed at customer service departments. NICE (the contact-center-as-a-service software) combined with Satmetrix to include VoC research and analysis in their offering.

The tool has a particular emphasis on the customer journey. It enables you to create a variety of different surveys that are mapped to customer journey touchpoints. Once you’ve identified weak areas, the tool’s closed-loop capabilities allow customer service agents to take steps to fix them.

Gartner scores NICE Satmetrix highly for analytics and insight capabilities, which is to some extent owing to their expertise in speech and text analytics.

Pricing: NICE Satmetrix offers customized pricing.

G2 score: 4.3/5

How does NICE Satmetrix compare to Medallia?

Both Medallia and NICE Satmetrix perform well in the B2B use case. According to Gartner, though, where Medallia scores 3.38 in this context, NICE Satmetrix achieves a score of 2.42.

Customer reviews give a different perspective, however. According to reviews collated on G2, NICE Satmetrix outperforms Medallia in terms of ease of setup, ease of administration, quality of support, and being a good partner.

Should you choose NICE Satmetrix?

NICE Satmetrix’s contact center specialism makes it a very effective tool for customer service departments, but it may not suit you if you’re looking for an XM solution that extends to other areas of your business, too.

Reviewers liked the tool’s alerts and follow-up processes related to customer feedback, which helped their team reach out to dissatisfied customers and turn their experience around.

Some users noted that the tool was difficult to use from a market research perspective, and that reporting insights were not as straightforward as it was with other platforms.

In terms of support, though, NICE Satmetrix gained praise for modeling its own best-practice approaches to customer satisfaction and closing the loop when dealing with users.

CustomerGauge: A Medallia Alternative That Puts B2B Front and Center

CustomerGauge is the CX management tool for B2B companies. Use us to find out what your customers are thinking at all levels of an account, turn their experience around to reduce churn, and know when the time is right to upsell and grow your business.

Interested? Get started here!

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