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CustomerGauge Report Designer Update: 12 widgets to play with! (Recorded Webinar)


Using Net Promoter Score® as one of your metrics is a perfect start. Analyzing your NPS in-depth is the logical next step. But then sending those analyses to your CEO for example, in a clean and structured report often involves taking a lot of screenshots and cut-and-paste-type editing. Not the way it should be, right?

We agree, and that's why we launched our new Report Designer two months ago. It allows users to do any in-depth analyses they might wish to perform and put them in one neat report. Many promoters called it the best of the best reporting feature out there, especially in terms of its flexibility. One of our clients already has 80+ reports customised and in use!

Today we announce a few new features and tweaks. Now our Net Promoter Report Designer 1.1 gives you even more freedom.

What's new?

  • A 'Time Chart' to track the evolution of your NPS (and other metrics) over time
  • Custom HTML widget: add images and text to your reports
  • NPS Frequency Chart
  • Big table of data
  • and more...

Learn about the features in a concentrated 8 minute burst! In this short video, Adam Dorrell brings you up to date on the latest features, and shows what Report Designer can do for you.

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