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Seven Steps to Improve Loyalty

Useful informative article on Marketing Sherpa outlining a simple approach to using Net Promoter methodology in Business-Business context.

How to Score Customer Loyalty: 7 Steps to Double Satisfaction Rating

SUMMARY: B-to-B marketers usually focus on lead generation, usually forgetting about the need for customer retention. This case study is how one company took a seven step approach to understanding customer sentiment and improving satisfaction. This initiative came from the marketing department, and used an online survey, much like CustomerGauge.
  • Step #1. Create online survey
    • Just two questions - based on Net Promoter Score (NPS): "If a friend or colleague asked you for a referral, how likely is it that you would recommend us..." with score 0 - 10, followed up if a promoter: "What did we do particularly well to earn your recommendation?" or if detractor/passive: "What would we need to do to earn a better recommendation?"
  • Step #2. Email survey invitation
    • Sent to b2b contacts in company database. Inviting to complete online survey, explaining that they could offer advice on how the company could improve its services. Goal: survey all clients 2x a year.
  • Step #3. Target non-responders.
    • Two weeks after initial survey, a reminder email sent to non-respondents. One week after that, a telephone call...
  • Step #4. Compile survey scores.
    • NPS methodology used. Scores by client, plus overall company scores.
  • Step #5. Follow-up interviews:
    • Dug deeper with people who gave negative comments. Also some random follow up with positive comments to understand "good stories".
  • Step #6. Analyze results:
    • Were problems strategic or operational? How best to address problems? Results presented back to all in company.
  • Step #7. Send thank-you email.
    • Directly to clients from CEO, outlining specific changes the company has made, or is making, as a result of feedback from the survey - closing loop with client.
RESULTSThe company's Net Promoter Score doubled in a year. Customer retention improved. Key to customer retention was better understanding. Survey response: 60 - 70%. Full article here.Would you like to run a similar project in your company for b2b clients? CustomerGauge is a useful tool to help companies with steps 1 -7. To get going you just need to have the confidence that a short survey will get you the answers you need, and the willingness to tackle the issues that the customers will give you! Call us if you need help or advice.

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