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Net Promoter News: 2014 US Net Promoter Benchmarks at a Glance

US Net Promoter Benchmarks: A Topline View

Following the question What is a "good" Net Promoter Score?, benchmarks are one of the most popular Net Promoter-related topics that people ask about.

So for a quick topline view of how major US businesses are performing, we have published the below list of current scores and a few key points of interest.* The list offers a broad view of how industries and companies compare to one another, and is useful as a very loose point of comparison if you are in a related field - but please note that when comparing your performance to any of these businesses there are a number of factors that can affect the score.

Headline Stats

Before we get right into it, some of the most interesting points of this year's findings include:

  1. In the financial services sector, 19 of the 22 banks represented showed increased scores compared to 2013. Bank of America increased its NPS by 20 points, and Discover ended perennial Net Promoter leader American Express’s six-year run as leader in the credit card category.
  2. Banks (+81 for leader USAA and -14 for HSBC) and Hotels (+59 for Westin compared to -15 for Hotel 6) had the widest score spread of any categories.
  3. Amazon investors will be happy to see that in the online shopping category, led the pack for the fifth year in a row with a score of +64, ahead of its wholly owned subsidiary,, which came in second place.

And without further ado, scroll down to see benchmark scores (in most cases, leading and trailing) in the following industries:

  • Financial Services (Banks and Credit cards)
  • Insurance (Automotive, Health, and Life)
  • Technology (Tablets, Laptops, and Smartphones)
  • Online Services (Entertainment and Online Shopping)
  • Travel & Hospitality (Airlines, Travel websites, and Hotels)
  • Communications (Cable, Mobile and Internet)

Financial Services


Leading USAA +81
Second SunTrust +45
Trailing HSBC -14

Credit Cards

Leading Discover +52
Second American Express +45
Trailing CitiGroup +18



Leading USAA +81
Improving State Farm +60


Leading State Farm +45
Second New York Life +35
Trailing Liberty Mutual +14


PositionCompany Score
Leading Kaiser Permanente +40
Second Humana +32



PositionCompany Score
Leading Apple +66
Second Kindle +59
Trailing Acer +28


PositionCompany Score
Leading Apple +72
Second HP +46


PositionCompany Score
Leading Apple +67
Second Samsung +54

Online Services


PositionCompany Score
Leading Pandora +56
Second Netflix +54
Trailing Blockbuster on Demand +11

Online Shopping

PositionCompany Score
Leading +64
Second +60
Trailing Google Shopping +19

Travel & Hospitality


PositionCompany Score
Leading Southwest +62
Trailing US Airways -8

Travel website

PositionCompany Score
Leading TripAdvisor +46
Improving +36
Trailing Orbitz +20


PositionCompany Score
Leading Westin +59
Trailing Motel 6 -15


Cable/satellite TV service

PositionCompany Score
Leading DirecTV +34
Trailing ComCast -3
Trailing Time Warner Cable -5

Mobile service provider

PositionCompany Score
Leading TracFone +39
Second Cricket +34
Trailing Sprint +5

Internet service provider

PositionCompany Score
Leading Brighthouse Networks +20
 Trailing Medicacom -22

Open-sourced NPS Benchmark website:

As of October 7th, 2014, we have launched the first publicly available and open-sourced Net Promoter Score® benchmark website.

If you want to learn more, check it out:

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*Source: Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks, SatMetrix

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