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Net Promoter News: AppDynamics not 'appy with 99% satisfaction, Travel Counsellors on trust 'n innovation, Fullbridge claims +76, Vodacom dials No.1 NPS in ZA

AppDynamics goes after the final 1%


Application management biz AppDynamics has outlined its approach to measuring customer satisfaction in an informative blog post this week. According to the post, measuring your Net Promoter score is a great start – but it’s still only a start. The company also measures ticket resolution times and overall customer satisfaction via frequent online surveys. Interestingly, the company is not hung up on grading its customer satisfaction in a highly nuanced way.

“It’s in our nature to approach customer satisfaction from a binary perspective. In the case of customer satisfaction, it’s either “Good” or “Bad”. 99% of our customer responses are marked as “Good and for the 1% that aren’t, our support team is committed to helping these customers until their issues are resolved properly and they’re fully satisfied.”

Since we are always eager to know a little more when a company makes big, impressive claims such as “99% of our customers are satisfied”, we thought a little research googling of AppDynamics and its purportedly excellent customer satisfaction claims was in order. The search yields links going back several years that consistently mention the company is focused on achieving 100% customer satisfaction results. And these results are backed up with extremely strong growth – the company recorded a 400% increase in growth in 2011.

AppDynamics’ NPS hovers around +73 – in a similar league to consumer tech heavyweight Apple. While these two companies are not direct competitors, it’s fair to say AppDynamics is in good company. Best of luck with the last 1% guys! AppDynamics

Travel Counsellors counsel trust and innovation


Travel Counsellors is a business famous in the world of Net Promoter for having reported scores of above +90. (See here for a recent News post on its wins in the Netherlands National Travel Awards.)

Commenting this week on the cornerstones of successful customer relationships in the travel industry, chairman David Speakman outlines two key points in which he believes Travel Counsellors offers a clear point of differentiation from its competitors.

The first is trust – in this case, trust on the part of the customer not just in terms of organisation, price, reliability, and other regular ways, but also in terms of looking after customer finances. By way of example, the company points to the collapse earlier this year of Air Australia, after which it reimbursed all affected customers who did not have travel insurance.

The second is innovation – Travel Counsellors provides its agents with its own constantly-evolving software in order to enable them to search and compare travel options with a maximum of efficiency. According to chairman David Speakman, “In a world that now demands personal recommendation and specialist insight into every journey our agents are given the support to build these personal relationships with their customers so they can tailor travel to suit their individual needs, whilst having access to the very best booking technology and a worldwide network of colleagues who can share first-hand knowledge across the globe.”

Travel Counsellors continues to post solid business growth – in Australia last financial year sales were up 14% on the previous year, with the average earnings per Travel Counsellor increasing by almost 20%. eTravelBlackboard

Fullbridge claims +76 among Ivy Leaguers

US education provider Fullbridge describes itself as a “high-end bootcamp” that helps students at top universities to attain the key skills that universities don’t provide them. This week the company announced a $5.5 million capital raising, following a successful rollout in January.

With graduate unemployment a significant problem in the US, it seems the concept has met with a considerable degree of enthusiasm. According to Fullbridge’s self-puffer, its inaugural program received a Net Promoter score of +76. No details about survey size or other information, however. Market Watch

Vodacom reports earnings rise, leading Net Promoter score


In South Africa, mobile service operator Vodacom has reported an 8% rise in headline earnings per share for the year ended March 2012. According to CEO Pieter Uys, the company’s customer base also expanded by 30%, and Vodacom achieved the number one Net Promoter score in South Africa and in two out of three measured international markets. Business Report

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