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CustomerGauge News Digest March 2008

spring cleanThe daffodils are coming up, the mornings are getting lighter, and the vernal equinox is on the way. The perfect time to put yourself in your customers shoes, and think about what your customers might be experiencing. To help you, read about what's blooming in enGaugement CustomerGauge news this month:Spring Clean your Customer Experience: You can be up and running with a fully featured CustomerGauge system and finding out if your customers are willing to recommend you. It’s simple to get going (no involving IT). You can get results in just a week. More here...
White Paper: Now available for download - a complete CustomerGauge Product Description in the form of a white paper: Measuring loyalty and understanding the “Voice of the Customer” to improve customer experience using CustomerGauge. More here:Get customers to do the hard work by getting them to prioritise your feature "wish list". Use CustomerGauge "MagicGrid" feature to help you make sure you most important customers carry more weight. More here:
CHANGE and become customer focused... Where do you start when you are tasked with changing the company to become more customer focused? An ever returning topic for many large multinational organisations is "how to become more customer focused" - some practical "getting started" advice from someone who has changed some giant corporations. More here:
What we learned about NPS this month: Finally: Why Do Customers Defect?Nearly three-quarters of your customers will leave for one of these reasons: Price? No. Product? No. Death? No. Indifference to complaints? Yes. Read more here:Until next time, enjoy your spring cleaning.

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