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Introducing - Benchmarking our celebration of CX Day

It is customer experience day, and as such to those companies out there that really understand that thriving in business is all about organizing yourself around the customer, we have a gift. As we help our clients listen to their customers, we strive to do the same for our customers 365 days a year. Today is a special day in customer experience, but in truth in the game of customer experience, everyday is special.


CustomerGauge celebrates today then by launching the first publicly available and open-sourced Net Promoter® Score benchmark website. A website that will collate and publish publicly available Net Promoter Score reports from industries all across the globe, with the added ability of allowing companies to submit their own Net Promoter Score for publication. Scores will be searchable and comparable by industry, country, B2B and B2C, with more options to come as the data becomes more expansive.

Although we recognize that benchmarks for NPS are not an absolute truth because one’s score is dependent upon a myriad of factors and thus not always comparable to other scores, we have created this site as a guide. Do not use the scores of others as a concrete comparison, but rather, as a way to understand how others in similar industries or size are faring as another means to learn and create new ideas to improve your own Net Promoter Score. Remember, the only true Net Promoter benchmarking you should really rely on is ‘Internal Benchmarking’: track your own score over time and aim for an upward trend. aims to help companies with their NPS journey towards better customer experience. And whilst only in the early stages, we hope it will be a place that companies wish to not only use but actively publish scores, in an effort to create a more transparent Net Promoter System. (see my text at top “scrutiny” as well)

Our commitment to openness in the Net Promoter score is a continuation of our work with NPS News, since 2008, Standardised Net Promoter Reportingcertificates and the Open Net Promoter protocol for data exchange.

Next Up: Two weeks to go, only a few places left for the CustomerGauge Net Promoter Summit!

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