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Net Promoter News: Airlines' Facebook NPS, RedBalloon employees float higher with eNPS, AIESEC shapes global leadership experiences

Airlines hit higher altitude for high value Facebook fans

Facebook analytics biz LoudDoor runs ongoing Net Promoter surveys of airlines’ Facebook pages. Useful? It doesn't measure actual customer experience or advocacy, so not in terms of the way Net Promoter is regularly used. Interesting? In terms of how major airlines are targeting messages to Facebook fans, there are a few lessons in the findings. Let's take a gander.

The top ten airlines on Facebook based on NPS are:

[caption id="attachment_6066" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Source: LoudDoor Source: LoudDoor[/caption]

Long-time observers of airline customer experience will note a number of the usual suspects leading the way.

But not all fans are created equal. What does advocacy look like among high value Fans? Is there a difference between high value Fans and others?

LoudDoor further segmented the audience by Fans who spend $1,000/month or more in three categories: vacation travel, business travel, and vacation and business travel combined - and the results show that in these categories, Virgin Atlantic emerged the leader. And in another intriguing twist, across the leading airlines, the NPS among high value fans is significantly higher than for fans overall. For example, Southwest Airline's Facebook page NPS is +36, but with regards to Fans who spend $1000+/month on business and vacation travel, its NPS jumps to +54.

At the risk of reading too much into the results, this suggests that airlines which are focusing on the customer experience across a number of touchpoints really 'get' the value of nurturing relationships with their high value customers, and are targeting Facebook messaging at this group in particular. Check out the LoudDoor blog for the full breakdown of results.

RedBalloon employee experience floats higher with eNPS

RedBalloon, an experience gift e-tailer based in Australia, was already a leader in the employee engagement. For four years in a row, it had been recognised as one of Australia’s best places to work by biz publication BRW, and its corporate website states that RedBalloon can “improve employee engagement, boost productivity and reward behaviour” for its clients.

[caption id="attachment_6071" align="alignleft" width="300"]RedBallon: eNPS is lighter than air. RedBallon: eNPS is lighter than air.[/caption]

In October 2012, the organisation implemented an employee Net Promoter (eNPS) program in an effort to drive its employee experience upward. With its impressive background in employee engagement, one may imagine that the organisation was full of confidence that its eNPS sentiment would be overwhelmingly positive. But as noted by founder Naomi Simson, “eNPS scores can be substantially lower than customer scores because employees are often harsher critics of their own company.” Gulp.

The company needn’t have worried though, its current eNPS stands at a very impressive +84, and this week it once again made the cut as one of Australia’s best places to work, coming in at number eight on the list. Naomi Simson’s blog

AIESEC partners with CustomerGauge to shape leadership experiences across the globe

AIESEC Case Study thumbnailWhen people think Net Promoter, they normally think of businesses listening to feedback in order to increase profits.

But since it is based on the “Golden Rule” – do as you would be done by – Net Promoter is equally applicable to non-profit organisations. AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organisation has recently partnered with CustomerGauge to roll out a Net Promoter program to more than 100 countries, sending 30,000 surveys a month. To ensure it gets the maximum value out of the feedback and reporting tools, 1,000 people across 800 offices have access to market-specific CustomerGauge Dashboards.

To read more, check out our video and case study: AIESEC partners with CustomerGauge to shape young leaders across the world.

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