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Net Promoter News: Alamo Drafthouse Brings Civility back to Movie Theatres, and MYOB gets Intuit with Net Promoter

Alamo Drafthouse brings civility back to the Movies

The below recording of an unhappy customer complaining about being kicked out of an Austin, Texas based Alamo Drafthouse movie theatre for texting has been viewed over 3 million times on Youtube.

PR disaster? Nope.

The organisation zealously pursues its goal to “be the movie theatre for movie lovers,” and part of that is a strict, one-warning rule that prohibits anyone from texting during a screening, following which the patron is ejected without a refund.

It may sound extreme, but the (seeming) madness has won plenty of Promoters, inlcuding CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who said that Alamo Drafthouse CEO, Tim League, should win the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing civility back to going to the movies.

Furthermore, the uncompromising stance is backed up by a zealous focus on gathering and analysing customer feedback with Net Promoter. Example: the organisation's NPS dropped in 2013, and from the scoring the business was able to identify a menu change as the cause. “We can see that of the 700 people that scored it poorly on the menu change, that 5% of those were p*ssed off that we took off the Mac & Cheese…enough people said they really want the Mac & Cheese back, we’re going to bring back the damn Mac & Cheese,” CEO League told Forbes.

The next step in the evolution of the organisation's Net Promoter program is to spot Detractors when they sit down at every show. Says League, “Hopefully what we can do is almost have a server alert. It’s like, ‘OK, here’s your section, and seat 1012 has a detractor and it…You need to make sure that John is taking care of, and be on your best behavior, because the last time he was here he had a really bad time, and this is what went wrong.’" Forbes

MYOB gets Intuit: Accounting software businesses on the value of Net Promoter

This week, two accounting software businesses - Intuit in the US and CustomerGauge client MYOB in Australia, both talked about how they use Net Promoter to put a hard number on the effectiveness of design.

In Intuit's case, VP of Design Innovation Kaaren Hanson noted that "Design is an emotional experience, but business is numbers-driven game." Hanson notes that the company looks at three measures - whether a benefit the customer cares about was delivered, whether it was easy to accomplish a task, and if the experience evoked a positive emotion. "We know that when we nail all three, our conversion rates and Net Promoter Scores go up substantially," she said. Fast Company

In MYOB's case, when the business launched its product Essentials as a successor to an earlier product, LiveAccounts, its NPS jumped from 19 to 28 "overnight." But this was no accident - it was the outcome of a feedback process that starts from the ideation stage, when customer opinions are sought for hand drawn ideas. Following this, dummy versions of the designs are implemented for further rounds of user trials before a commitment is made to a particular design. ITWire

In brief

Language Stars, an early childhood foreign language education business, has claimed a Net Promoter Score of +61. Press release

After adopting Net Promoter in 2013, ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) has been named the 'Best Retail Bank in the UAE' for the sixth year by The Asian Banker. Abu Dhabi City Guide

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