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Net Promoter News: Hubspot's interview with Net Promoter's creator, A Twitter NPS survey, Amex swipes employee churn

Hubspot interviews Fred Reichheld, Hubspot employee runs NPS survey on Twitter handle

This week, marketing software biz Hubspot's CMO Mike Volpe interviewed Fred Reichheld, the creator of Net Promoter, on his thoughts on the system’s relevance for B2B v B2c, and whether it should be a metric that marketing cares about. His answer was unequivocal:

Most marketers recognize how relevant NPS can make their function. It links their world to the world of the CFO and finance -- because it is possible to calculate the economic value of a promoter, passive, or detractor in each customer segment,” he said.

In related news, Hubspot says it is a “big follower” of Net Promoter - and the organisation is not kidding. Recently a Hubspot ecommerce expert, Sam Mallikarjunan, ran a DIY Net Promoter survey to find out how many of his 70,000+ Twitter followers would recommend following him.HubSpot_Logo_2x

Over Twitter he told CustomerGauge that his Twitter handle recorded an NPS of +18. It's an entertaining handle to follow - Sam identifies himself as being here to  "smoke cigars, drink scotch & kick ass" - and has a very engaged follower base, so the score is perhaps a little lower than one may expect. But according to survey feedback, people want to see more questions and answers (interaction) rather than links.

If you are interested in following a highly engaged expert on ecommerce, and inbound marketing, we have no problem "recommending" @Mallikarjunan as an account to follow.

And if you would like to learn more about how marketers can use Net Promoter, click here to read the full interview with Fred Reichheld.

Amex swipes employee churn with Net Promoter

Net Promoter buffs may know that American Express implemented a Net Promoter system way back in 2006, and real tragics may even be aware that the company sees a 10% to 15% increase in spending and four to five times increased retention from its Promoters.

But what is less well known is the positive benefits the organisation is seeing on employee retention and engagement. Notes Jim Bush, executive veep (world service), the organisation compensates according to two outcomes: Customer satisfaction, and operating margin. This approach has helped drive down employee turnover and helped the organisation contain costs associated with service operations.

Not coincidentally, according to the Financial Times, “As of May 2013, the consensus forecast among 26 polled investment analysts covering American Express Company advises that the company will continue to outperform the market. This has been the consensus forecast since 2009.” Business Standard

In brief

  • According to a review of the latest Nokia Lumia, “owners who had opted for the previous striking red and yellow models rated the device more highly [with Net Promoter] than those who had chosen plainer colours.” The Register
  • Financial tech biz Direct Capital has announced that its NPS has reached +65, versus “a financial industry average of +23.” The announcement is interesting because the high NPS correlates with a 2012, and is in the top five independent vendor finance company in overall organic growth, according to Monitor. Press release
  • IT Services biz OneNeck® has announced its Application Management Division has recorded an NPS of 79, based on a recent DIY Net Promoter survey. Press release


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