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Net Promoter News: Apple crunches Samsung, Intuit gets fat return, Woolworths checks out customer satisfaction, Reichheld and Markey on Net Promoter best practices

Apple crunches Samsung, First Direct and Tesco Mobile on a high

Slide-deckerists Satmetrix have released the results of the European Net Promoter Industry benchmarks for this year, surveying 34,000 consumers across Europe, including 10,995 in the UK. The research covered areas such as mobile networks and handsets, banking, auto insurance, and internet service providers.

The leader this year was Apple, with an NPS of +69 (up two from last year). First Direct came in second with +62 (leading the banking sector for the third year in a row). Tesco Mobile was the top mobile network, with an NPS of +47.


In light of our (overly?) frequent reporting on Net Promoter in the mobile industry, it is especially interesting to note that despite Samsung’s recent growth, the iPhone has a significantly higher NPS. As may be expected, RIM fell dramatically from second to sixth place with an NPS of 18, and Motorola and LG finished in the bottom two places. Mobile Marketing Magazine My Customer (registration required)

Intuit gets fat return with online customers

There has been an interesting update to Intuit’s strategy of attracting new customers by providing free software to help people do their tax.  At its earnings call last month, the company claimed a nine-point improvement in its NPS for customers that went to a store last year but this year used free tax software provided by the company. This was backed up by a solid earnings report.

A chuffed boss, Brad Smith, said, “There is very few things we’ve been able to do in our 20 years to get a nine-point improvement in Net Promoter.” Of course, Net Promoter is not 20 years old, but we get the drift.  Seeking Alpha

Woolworths checks out customer satisfaction for bonuses

Aussie supermarket chain Woolworths said this week that that store managers’ bonuses are based on customer satisfaction, with Net Promoter being a key indicator.

According to a Nielsen omnibus asker, shoppers in Oz are most satisfied with the experience in Woolworths and its major rival Coles, which are also the country’s biggest two supermarket chains.

Woolworths made the comment after smaller rival Aldi was reported to have paid another survey company – Canstar Blue – thousands of dollars to say it had a five-star rating for most satisfied customers (based on results from Canstar Blue’s own survey). Herald Sun

Reichheld and Markey on Net Promoter best practices

Rob Markey and Fred Reichheld, authors of “The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World,” are writing a series of posts in Forbes on Net Promoter best practices. The first post summarizes key tasks in the development of a comprehensive Net Promoter system. Forbes

In brief

  • UK family entertainers Essenden has announced that 18 months after implementing Net Promoter surveys, the company is ranked 2nd out of 172 UK customer-orientated companies for exemplary service as measured by Market Force. This was backed up by a healthy financial performance, details at the link: 4-traders
  • Self-styled “digital finance company” Wonga has announced a company record NPS of +78 in addition to its remarkable growth that we touched on last week. This score compares favourably to Wonga’s +73 NPS reported in May, but as in May, we’re left guessing as to where the figure comes from. Open Wonga

Next Up: Net Promoter News: You Can Be Sure of Shell Customer Service, Android NPS blues but iOS in pink, Transactional Net Promoter Score is “Need To Know Buzzword”

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