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Net Promoter News: Ardent's Customer Experience Remedy, iiNet's service Bullsii, NPS swings North for Urban Compass, Telstra CEO's Daily NPS Update

Ardent measures Voice of Patient for customer experience remedy

While the UK press debates the introduction of the Net Promoter-based ‘Friends and Family’ Test to the National Health Service, in the US a private hospital chain claims to be using the Net Promoter System to great effect.


Nashville-based Ardent Health Services, a for-profit system that owns 13 hospitals, a multispecialty physician group, a health plan, and retail pharmacies in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, has seen its NPS at one hospital improve from the +50s in 2006 to +95 today.

But beyond scores, the real value lies in bringing the Voice of Patient into the organisation. "Real change begins to happen when physicians, nurses, and staff hear the voice of the customer, the voice of the patient. If our hospital leadership interacts with patients and they hear complaints, they act immediately, but for some reason, when it's on paper or it's on your computer screen, it becomes a little less real," said a spokesperson. "Even the CEO reads every patient comment every week and makes a few phone calls, because we just need to get into the practice of hearing from patients so we can better align our organization."  

The organisation is getting data so specific from its feedback that it can at times spot patterns that identify which nurses, doctors, and even cleaners are on duty. This is proving an invaluable tool to not only remedy problems, but use the feedback to find out what staff are doing right and apply the cure across the organisation.

Accumulating data is a key step, but implementing change is something that Ardent appears to be doing really well. Based on these results, the UK’s NHS may just be able to learn a trick or two.  Health Leaders Media

iiNet hits customer service bullsii

iinet is a 20-year-old Australian internet provider that has grown from a garage startup to serve more than 900,000 subscribers, making it the second largest DSL internet provider and the leading challenger in the Australian market - something that the organisation is quite proud of, judging by this ad:

[caption id="attachment_6354" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Well hello, Number Two Well hello, Number Two[/caption]

To the surprise of zero experts in  the field, the secret sauce to this impressive growth is a focus on the customer that has been until recent times largely overlooked by bigger rivals such as Telstra.

Explaining how the challenger has managed to go head to head against larger rivals, chief exec Michael Malone said that iiNet puts a “high value on Net Promoter Score” and sees a correlation with profit. In fact, he noted that a 1-point increase in score equaled an A$1.6 million increase in net profit after tax.

“The mantra of the company is to lead on product but differentiate on service,” he told the Irish Times. “We require everyone we hire, from customer service staff to accountants to engineers, to have experience in hospitality. We don’t care if it is the local fish and chip shop, as long as they have some experience of dealing with people face to face.” CRN

NPS swings due north for Urban Compass

Urban Compass is a New York startup that aims to provide the easiest way for tech-savvy renters to find properties in the neighbourhoods they want. In what seems to be something of a theme this week, the company has agents who are paid salaries and bonuses based on customer satisfaction as measured by Net Promoter – and these satisfaction-craving employees have driven a stratospheric (if self-reported) NPS of +94.

According to Mike Weiss, co-founder and head of product, this compares to the average score of traditional brokers in New York of -56. inmannews

Buy-in from the top: Telstra CEO receives daily Net Promoter update

When it comes to implementing truly successful Net Promoter programs, we often advise clients that having buy-in from the chief executive or C-suite dramatically improves the chances of it yielding solid results. So it was interesting to see Telstra CEO David Thodey talk about Net Promoter at its recent earnings call.

“Every morning, I get an MMS which actually gives me the scores from the previous day, about all the episodes and the interactions, so I can see how we’re tracking on the previous day’s performance and we set targets by month,” he said.

Will this impressive focus on the customer be enough to hold off challenges from competitors such as iiNet? Seeking Alpha

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