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Net Promoter News: BlackBerry could be the comeback kid, Philips cooks up a storm, SolutionsPT finds solution to fast-paying customers

The Big Apple loves Apple, but BlackBerry could be the comeback kid

In 2012, owning a BlackBerry is not cool. In fact, it’s so uncool that BlackBerry owners in New York apparently cringe, lie, recoil, and possibly even cower when somebody spots them with their embarrassing dinosaur technology, if this piece in the New York Times is to be believed.blackberry-nyt-300x233.jpg

But while New Yorkers are apparently too cool for a product that was a status symbol just a few short years ago, BlackBerry sales are relatively strong and poised for growth with the launch of the BlackBerry 10 in developing economies across Asia and Africa. In an apparent effort to drive advocacy across some of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the world (Nigeria is in fact the number two fastest-growing smartphone market in the world after China), RIM will be tracking the BlackBerry 10 across African markets with metrics including Net Promoter. RIM’s Rory O’Neill told ITWeb: “We will be looking very closely at how many people promote BlackBerry 10 and that’s probably our most important measure. If we get that right, unit sales will come.”

Anticipation rising in some key markets and some analysts are even switching RIM to a buy. Despite the Big Apple’s love affair with Apple, there’s still some fight left in BlackBerry yet.  ITWeb

Philips cooks up a storm with Family Rewards

Philips has operated a CRM initiative (measured with Net Promoter) in Singapore called Family Rewards since 2009. As part of the program, Philips holds activities including cooking classes in which customers have the opportunity to test its products. At this point, we’d like to suggest that a cooking class for Singaporean Chilli Mud Crab would certainly be welcome in our office (if you're reading this in Philips Singapore, we're serious:).

But the really interesting part of the initiative is how the business is using data to customise communications, and how this is driving customer satisfaction. Data is sourced from member profiles and ongoing behaviour (and presumably Net Promoter feedback, though this is not explicitly mentioned). According to the post, “Each month, the initiative generates more than 5,000 communication variants, ensuring it connects with its members in the most appropriate and relevant manner.”

In terms of metrics, the NPS for the program has risen by 57 per cent compared to customers not involved. The message is clear: Implementing a robust CRM program and embedding Net Promoter within it can offer business a clear framework with which to significantly – or even dramatically – increase customer satisfaction. And for extra good results, we suggest trying Chilli Mud Crab too. (Disclosure: Philips is a CustomerGauge client) Campaign Asia (paywall)

SolutionsPT finds direct correlation between happy customers and how fast they pay

IT biz SolutionsPT is one of the best small companies to work for in the UK, according to the Sunday Times. The company has embedded Net Promoter in its internal processes. The benefits it is seeing from this initiative include:

  • A direct correlation between how happy customers are and how quickly they pay (emphasis added).
  • Increasing customer satisfaction as reflected in its scores has helped raise turnover between 2011 and 2012, resulting in increased profitability.
  • Net Promoter has helped change behaviour within the company, with credit control proactively talking to sales people to ensure solutions that are better suited to customer needs.

It’s also worth noting that staff turnover is also low for the industry, though the company doesn’t directly attribute this to Net Promoter. The Guardian

In brief

  • DHL Express has been awarded with the ‘Best National Customer Service Delivery’ at the Irish Contact Centre and Shared Services Awards, with the criteria including implementation of performance improvement initiatives including “Net Promoter Approach.” WebWire
  • Healthcare tech biz Acuo Technologies has claimed a 46% response rate to its Net Promoter surveys.   Sacramento Bee

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