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Net Promoter News: Brooks Brothers, CTCA "Digital" Hospital, Temkin Asks Temkin, HAPPY Radio

News snippets for Friday 27 Feb:

Net Promoter in the Health segment

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) report that their highly "wired" approach to healthcare (electronic records, networked equipment, patient-centric care) also allows them improve clinical care as well as to track patient satisfaction. CTCA uses Net Promoter Score methodology, and says that more than 90% of their cancer patients would recommend another patient to a CTCA hospital. Source: PRnewswire. (Link removed from source.)

Brooks Brothers find tailor made NPS solution

brookspreviewHigh-end apparel retailer Brooks Brothers confirm they use the Net Promoter Score. Announcing a new CRM system, Brian Dean, VP of direct at Brooks Brothers said "[our] idea is to improve relevance of mailings while honoring customers' preferences for contact frequency".  Dean added that the company will be carefully watching its net promoter scores throughout the year. Source:  DMNews.

Temkin Self Q&A on NPS

Bruce Temkin, customer experience sage and Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research writes an excellent Net Promoter Q&A by asking himself some searching questions, including:

Q: [...] is Net Promoter a good thing?

Yes, absolutely! [...] it’s made customer experience relevant to the executive suite. And [...] it has introduced a common language around customer segments: Promoters, Passives, And Detractors. The use of common vernacular is a very powerful tool for aligning organizations.

Q: What should companies using NPS do going forward?

First of all, get everyone in the company to use of the three labels for customers: Promoters, Detractors and Passives....Source (along with other useful Net Promoter wisdom): Customer Experience Matters.

Public Radio scores Net Promoter of 76.

The late Edwin Starr would have probably been a promoter too.   US Public Radio scores average NPS of 76. (women 80, men 72). (undated) Source Ron Cook KBYU (ppt)

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