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Net Promoter News: Nerfs tear shreds in EA's feedback collection, Connecticut takes bite out of Apple, UKFast's Net Promoter transparency

Nerfs tear shreds in EA's customer feedback collection

Electronic Arts has come under fire by the delightfully-named games webcomic site NerfNow for the way it collects customer feedback (see the pic above). In the site's words:

The thing is, when the game [Dungeon Keeper] asks you to rate it, if you pick 5 stars you are sent to the usual store rating page (where you'll need to pick from 1 to 5 stars) but if you choose 1-4 stars, you are presented with a e-mail form asking you to write EA your feedback but your vote will not be counted. The result is only people who choose 5 stars are being counted and the result is the game having a 4 to 4.5 star ranking on the store. It's shady, it's evil, it's EA. (emphasis added)

The eagle-eyed comic jokesters also note: On Metacritic however, it has a astounding 0.2 consumer rating

Ouch, very ouch. Attention EA - it's good to see your survey process is short and includes a request for feedback, but please take on board the valuable feedback of the Nerfs! NerfNow

Connecticut takes bite out of Apple for Healthcare

The Affordable Care Act - commonly known as Obamacare - is not without its Detractors. Among other things, problems with the website led Jay Leno to quip: "According to CBS News, only six people enrolled in Obamacare on the first day of the rollout. Six! That means more people have walked on the moon than have signed up for Obamacare."

But in at least one state, uptake of the legislation has far exceeded expectations - and it has not necessarily been because of a superior digital experience.

That state is Connecticut, and the reasons behind its success there are eloquently explained in this Forbes post. In a nutshell, the key reason is that Connecticut chose to model its rollout on a business long seen as the "gold standard in the area of customer service" - the Apple Store. The state opened Apple-inspired shop fronts where people could come in and learn about their options, used real people with real stories in television commercials, and has reduced its over-the-phone application process from a whopping 14 calls down to only two.

According to the post, the rollout has an NPS of +72. For more details, see the original post on Forbes.

UKFast gives case study in Net Promoter transparency

Transparency is a concept that is easily preached but difficult to commit to. So we were impressed this week to come across UK cloud hosting biz UKFast's Net Promoter information available on a clearly marked link from its homepage.

Here is a screen shot:

UKFast Net Promoter landing page

As proponents of Net Promoter transparency, there is a lot to like about this approach - current score, trajectory over time, and if you dig a little further, information on methodology. UKFast

Ten ways to increase your Net Promoter survey response rate

Net Promoter is popular with customers because it is short and simple to understand. But simply running a Net Promoter survey does not guarantee a high response rate. CustomerGauge CEO Adam Dorrell gives some tips on how organisations can increase survey response in this post on B2C. Business 2 Community

In brief

Lloyds Banking Group has claimed improvements to branches and telephone and online banking services have led to an 11 per cent improvement in average Net Promoter Score across the group, which correlated with a return to profit in the 12 months to 31 December for the first time since its 2009 bail-out. Marketing Week

Australian telco Optus has posted a 41 per cent lift in quarterly net profit, correlating with driving its Net Promoter Score "into positive territory for the first time in years." Business Spectator

Next Up: Bring Your Own Data: CustomerGauge Launches Self-Service platform for the Net Promoter System

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