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Net Promoter News: Hertz drives +26% in Europe

Hertz Global holdings reported a $1.21 Bn loss in Q4, and announced cost cutting measures, but still stay true to keeping Customer Service as key selling point. Hertz also announced Net Promoter Score increases, according to the Q4-08 earnings call transcript (source: SeekingAlpha).CEO Mark Frissora reported: " promoters fueled growth... In our North American car rental business [...] the number of net promoters increased 3% over 2007 despite the workforce and fleet reductions. In Europe we improved our NPS by 26% in a very challenging operating environment." Later on in the call he responded to a question: "...I just want to be clear we won’t compromise customer service and NPS (net promoter score system) for cost reduction. That is the one thing we make sure we don’t do. We don’t cut costs to hurt that score. That score of customer satisfaction we get on a daily basis by airport and by location."I couldn't find latest NPS scores for Hertz, but I was able to locate a previous chart from June 2008 which details scores in US (NPS 52.3) and Europe (NPS 43.3), and the number of responses (70,0000 per month). I don't want to be uncharitable to Mr Frissora, but without him naming what point in 2007 he took as his baseline the increase of NPS reported could vary widely (and it's not clear if it's by Points or a Percentage of 2007 scores, as they used last year). Let's give him the benefit of doubt and say that the US is in mid 50s and Europe now approaching 50. (source: Form 8K for year end May 2008)Main takeaway is Hertz commitment to keep measurement, and constant improvement of customer experience even in trying economic times.Hertz Net Promoter Statement May 2008Hertz Net Promoter Scores 2008

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