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Net Promoter News: InvCap NPSd 66, Smart temps 74, HomeDep D-I-Y 61.5

Weekly round-up of Net Promoter News from round the Resources Inc, a Chicago Temp Agency promotes "Industry's Highest Client Satisfaction Ratings" in a self-puffer here. Citing recent study by CareerBuilder and Inavero Institute, Smart Resources received a Net Promoter Score of 74. As a control, the staffing industry average NPS was 25%. More...marketingdailyMiserable marketers minimise media, move to metrics... After the slump brand owners are ready to go straight back to spend, Spend, SPEND reports MarketingDaily (Update 10/2013 - MarketingDaily link moved) but may also have to employ some people who can do math, as they expect to use more customer-related metrics. According to their survey, marketers are more interested in brand health metrics compared with February 2007, with increased attention on customer conversion/repeat rates and net promoter scores (73% now  vs. 67%). Source here (Update 10/2013 - link moved). Hold tight while marketers actually start to listen to customers...hd-supply-logoHD Supply win award, save $3m... San Diego based Fac-Mans HD Supply won the Gold Award from American Society for Quality with innovative approach to use voice of the customer data to drive operational excellence. Benefits included improved customer loyalty and +6% NPS, which resulted in $3 million in savings. Read details here (Update 10/2013 - Link moved)Ebay trial transactional NPSeBay move to transactional NPS... Coverage of interview with Director of Seller Standards and Feedback, Brian Burke at the online gavel-swingers on replacing existing old-as-the-hills feedback system: that "Transactional NPS is applying customer loyalty metric after each transaction, much like we do with Feedback today... NPS provides sellers with much richer information about the transaction and the sellers who've participated in the pilot have pleased with the added information." More from Gianostore.NPS-softer CustomerGauge shows new views on Net Promoter in summer-09 release. Lots of b2b views plus customer sentiment classification improvements on top of easy-to-use interface. Details here.homedepotimagesHome Depot report NPS in F1Q09 Earner Call. Home Depot notes to Wall Street via CEO Frank Blake: "Customer service continues to improve... Our net promoter score... has improved 790 basis points year-over-year and is now at 61.5%. That is a meaningful improvement." We agree. From SeekingAlphaInvestors Capital, a premier independent broker dealerFin-Server Investors Capital Corporation whips up Net Promoter Score to "deliver Premier Service to Financial Advisors": Investors Capital's NPS for the first quarter of 2009 was 66%, up from 60%, 60.2%, 60%, and 49% for the four quarters of 2008. Source: American Chroniclecanute_tide_drawingMore market research community flat-earthism from the Southern African Marketing Research Association, who continue to deny marketing Darwinism: "The ideas that spread the furthest are often not those with the most merit: ...the widespread use of the Net Promoter Score when it does not stand up to scientific scrutiny are examples." says their King Canute Enrico Tronchin. Chuckle more about it heretwitter_logoFinally, from Net Promoter Conference London, 4 June via twitter:
  • "Philips has seen that promoters spend more (69% sales growth) compared to passives (6%) and detractors (-24%)."
  • "Experian mentioned that many of their own clients also use NPS, so it is becoming a common language to discuss feedback."

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