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Net Promoter News: Israelis like to drink (Leffe) and drive (Honda), Over 40% of Sky Germany purchases made on recommendations, SingTel sings customer-centricity, Nokia Music tunes in new features

[caption id="attachment_3649" align="alignright" width="140"]Leffe.png Leffe: Israelis fancy a tipple[/caption]

Israelis like to drink (Leffe) and drive (Honda)

Annual Net Promoter-based research by TheMarker Magazine in Israel has found that Honda is the most advocated brand in the country, followed by Belgian beer Leffe, Mueller yogurt, Yotvata milk and Tuborg beer (Israelis are quite fond of beer and dairy, it seems:). International brands with fast rising levels of advocacy include Ikea and AIG Insurance.

The results of this year’s survey are interesting because they contrast quite dramatically with 2011. Last year in Israel, there was a widespread public backlash against the cost of living, and this sentiment was so deeply felt that according to TheMarker Magazine’s 2011 survey, the number of people willing to recommend brands dropped significantly across nearly every category.

For businesses that focus too much on the score, this would have been a moment to panic, wonder what they are doing wrong, and perhaps start to question the validity of Net Promoter and throw in the proverbial towel on the whole idea. But that would have been a mistake. This year, advocacy levels have returned to levels similar to 2010 – and in some cases even exceeded them.

This highlights an important lesson in terms of using Net Promoter. Implemented effectively, your score should move in a positive direction over time. However, it is important to remember that there are an enormous amount of factors that can cause short term volatility in your score – and not all of them are under your control. L'Chayim! Haaretz (paywall)

Sky-high: Over 40% of Sky Germany purchases made on recommendations

Over the past year, we have reported on a number of businesses that show a correlation between Net Promoter Scores and improvements in the bottom line.

Although there is evidence to suggest that higher NPS correlates with stronger growth when compared to a company’s competitors, unfortunately correlation does not equal causation. So for that reason, we were extremely interested in to hear Sky Deutschland’s Euan Smith tell a recent media conference on TV user interfaces that “well over 40% of all Sky purchases are now made on the basis of recommendations from friends.” (emphasis added)

We’re curious: Do you know of any businesses for which recommendations account for more than 40% of all purchases? Rapid TV News

SingTel sings customer-centricity

Singaporean telecom giant SingTel is rolling out a rebranding initiative that will be measured in part by Net Promoter, and will focus on service quality, communication with customers, and more unique content.

For customer service junkies, it is interesting to note also that SingTel's top 1,000 executives in its consumer segment have spent at least a day with customer-facing staff, and CEO Chua Sock Koong has even been listening in on customer service calls (gulp). Asia One

Nokia Music tunes in new features on Net Promoter feedback

Nokia continues to assert its high NPS for Lumia smartphones and the benefits it is getting from Net Promoter. This week a spokesperson said that based on Net Promoter feedback, Nokia Music is introducing features including the awkwardly-named “Searchable Gig Finder” that finds gigs by artist, venue, or name. Sounds cool, but with all these snippets of information being released about Nokia’s Net Promoter program, we’re ever so curious for more details!! (Or perhaps that is the whole idea?)

In brief

  • In its earnings report, ING mentioned ING Belgium’s mobile ‘app’ has boosted the bank’s NPS and that ING Insurance has used Net Promoter insights to make process improvements.


Net Promoter Score / Customer Research Manager, Henry Nicholas Associates, Bristol, UK.

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