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Net Promoter News: Kaiser is Chief in Health Insurance, DogVacay Digs up $6m, Covario Ranks Net Promoter

Kaiser is Chief in Health Insurance Industry

Have you heard the joke about the life insurance agent to would-be client?

"Don't let me frighten you into a hasty decision. Sleep on it tonight. If you wake in the morning, give me a call then and let me know."

Not many people like to pay for things they'd prefer not to use, and it is probably for this reason that health insurance organisations tend to receive average Net Promoter Scores lower than, for example, discretionary consumer goods.

But there is at least one major health insurer that consistently posts an NPS above +30. According to new research, Kaiser Permanente had the highest NPS (+32.3) of the five biggest health insurance brands in the US market (the others being Humana, WellPoint, UnitedHealth and Cigna).

Some of the findings of the report - for example, that Kaiser's happiest customers cited the quality of doctors as a main driver to recommend the company - are pretty intuitive.

But what is also interesting is that although it may be assumed that health insurance is one of the few categories where customers would prefer not to use the product, the chance of customers actually recommending the insurance provider to friends and family increases if they use their health insurance multiple times in the past year. More details at the link: Fierce Health Player

DogVacay digs up $6 million

As far as lucrative startup ideas go, It may sound a little frivolous to the uninitiated observer. DogVacay is a new service touted as an "AirBnB for dogs." But as any almost any dog owner will tell you, the wellbeing of their canine family member is a very serious business, and at a  time when around 1/3 of dogs are suffering from anxiety (I did not just make that figure up) what could be better than a stress-free environment for your canine friend when you go on holiday?

[caption id="attachment_8812" align="aligncenter" width="300"]DogVacay has customers begging for more. DogVacay has customers begging for more.[/caption]

With an NPS in the 90s, customers love the service. Venture capitalists see the potential too, with DogVacay closing a $6 million round of financing late last year. Venture Beat

Search Agency of the Year Covario Ranks Net Promoter

Search agency Covario has plenty of reasons to be jolly. Recently named Search Agency of The Year title for a third consecutive time by OMMA, the business has reported double-digit revenue growth over the last year, and a number of key new clients including Sony and Jenny Craig.

The agency attributes its success in part to a deeply established Net Promoter program, which includes factoring NPS results to annual financial compensation, and having company executives carry out twice annual audit processes to measure employee relationship with its clients. Its NPS for the last year have ranged from the high 50s into the 60s, the company’s highest ever. Media Post

In brief

America First Credit Union, a financial service brand that reported an impressive NPS of +83 just last year, is aiming to reach an NPS of +85. Credit Union Times

Financial software firm C2FO last year reported an NPS of 55. It has backed that figure up by reporting a 91% customer recommendation rate and a 146% increase in market member growth during 2013. Press release

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