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Net Promoter News: Kérastase 80, Cohiba 59, Declaration at Lords, NPS almost called Happiness Score

Screen-Shot-2012-01-27-at-4.51.48-PM.pngKerastaseBOR0000_big.jpgStudy reveals evolving UK consumer habits, most advocated brands

Recent research by leading slidedeck-ologists Bain & Company has uncovered the top 10 brands in the UK according to their NPS scores, and revealed evolving consumer habits.

L'Oréal's haircare brand Kérastase is the most advocated brand, with a Net Promoter® Score of +80, followed by Mercedes, Apple iPhone, and Redken and British brand Hotel Chocolat at equal fourth.

British shoppers are now buying across more brands than they did previously in most categories, with a few exceptions, the most interesting of which is personal technology. One might immediately assume that this is due to the influence of Apple – a brand that has managed to combine groundbreaking innovation and a powerful emotional pull. And indeed, the iPhone’s NPS ranking appears to bear that out.

However, it isn’t only due to Apple. Lesser-known Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer  HTC ranks joint seventh (alongside the iPod). In a category where innovation is fast and competition fierce (I’m looking at you, Nokia and RIM) it seems UK consumers are gravitating towards a small number of clear market leaders in the personal tech category.

CohibaWineimages-150x150.jpg Somewhat improbably,  at 6th on the list was Cohiba, which reveals that the survey demographic appears to be cigar smoking fat-cats (presumably also users of  Kerastase BAIN OLÉO-RELAX smoothing Shampoo for Dry, Rebellious Hair...).

That list in full:

<cite>Top 10 “most advocated” brands in the UK - (Based on NPS of 350 brands covered in the survey)</cite>
  • <cite>Kerastase - NPS: 80%</cite>
  • <cite>Mercedes - NPS: 66%</cite>
  • <cite>Apple iPhone - NPS: 60%</cite>
  • <cite>Redken - NPS: 59%</cite>
  • <cite>Hotel Chocolat - NPS: 59%</cite>
  • <cite>Cohiba - NPS: 57%</cite>
  • <cite>Apple iPod - NPS:53%</cite>
  • <cite>HTC - NPS: 53%</cite>
  • <cite>Audi - NPS: 52%</cite>
  • <cite>Rolex - NPS: 51%</cite>

Sources: Marketing Week WARC

forbes22.pngFred-Reichheld-207-150x150.jpgFred Reichheld on happiness and business

It’s a well-known fact that the ultimate objective of NPS is to create happy customers – people who are so happy they will positively recommend your service or product to people around them. Less well-known is that happiness was so important to Fred Reichheld, the creator of NPS, that he seriously considered calling it “Net Happiness Score.” He decided against this so as not to put off hard-headed businesspeople, but maintains a well-formulated philosophy on how happiness should fit into business practices and help drive bottom-line profit – something we can all read and feel happy about! Forbes

[caption id="attachment_2355" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="Generate the "Wall of Faces" Fred mentions in the Forbes articles with our free utility - click on image"]hbr-blog-callout-1-13-12-V02emoticons-150x150.gif[/caption]

maaco-header-logo.jpgSafety First, Customer Happiness Second fuels NPS

We are firm believers in a customer-centric approach, which normally means customer happiness should come first. However, a philosophy of safety first, customer happiness second, has proven to be a winning formula for franchise Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting in Regina, Canada. In a third consecutive independent survey over the past two years, the business has received 100% customer satisfaction, and an NPS of +92.

This high level of advocacy is evident in sales figures – the franchise has achieved over $2 million in sales for three consecutive years – and other recognition, with the business being named Maaco's Top Performer Quality Image Award for the second year in a row, and claiming top spot in its category in Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500. Leader Post

Lords.jpgLord’s named best sporting ground in UK

The iconic home of leather and willow (trans: cricket - Ed) continues to provide fantastic sporting events for visitors, but it has significantly increased revenues since opening its doors to corporate and private events. The key, it seems, is that each member of the Lord’s Meetings & Events Department is given a personalized training programme, with the ultimate aim being that each event should be tailored to the specific requirements of the client. It has the highest NPS of any sporting venue on an extensive UK list.  ITCM

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