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Net Promoter News: KLM, Alphabet, Japan’s Call Center Industry

KLM wants to Invest €3million per Day into Quality

Previously, we discussed Southwest Airlines and their unparalleled focus on customer satisfaction, which earns the brand one of the highest NPS scores in the airline industry. Back in Europe, there is another airline that takes customer retention and happiness to heart—KLM. The Royal Dutch airline has recently announced that it plans to invest €3million per day into service quality and visualize the results of the investment by using the Net Promoter System®. The airline’s NPS score amounted to an average of 43 in October, with some peaks on days of 47.

But how did the passenger carrier achieve such staggering results in customer satisfaction?

The Dutch airline invested time and resources in researching its customers using the Net Promoter System to find the drivers behind customer satisfaction. KLM not only analyzed the likelihood to recommend, but also the reasons behind it. As part of this research, the airline identified that its most profitable customers valued their time highly. KLM decided to launch the  “Make it Speedy” initiative, which offered priority security lines, reduced walking times and mobile check-in applications as part of their plan to turn loyal customers into promoters. Studying their NPS results and the reasons behind the scores, KLM also identified a high correlation between the response speed on social media and the likelihood to recommend. As a result, the airline now offers 24/7 customer support on social media, with a response time of less than an hour.

The Dutch passenger carrier has a goal to achieve an NPS score of 40 for 2016, and 43 for 2017. These targets are highly linked with the CEO’s vision to make KLM Europe’s most customer-focused, innovative and efficient network carrier.

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Alphabet Wins Best Leasing Company—Again

Great news from one of our own customers—Alphabet. The leasing company partnered with us in 2013 to implement the Net Promoter System in order to better understand its customers and drive growth forward. Three years in and Alphabet has been awarded best leasing company in the Netherlands for a second time in a row. 

The company regularly surveys its customers about the service they have received, as well as the manner in which complaints are being handled. The NPS results they collect as part of the surveys are monitored meticulously and have become part of Alphabet’s management agenda. As a result, the leasing company has seen an increase in their NPS score by 22 points and plans to end 2016 with a score of 40.

Find out how we have helped Alphabet achieve higher customer satisfaction here.

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Japan’s Call Center Industry

Once a year, the Japanese Ric Telecom Co. publishes the “Call Centre White Paper” with an in-depth analysis of Japanese domestic call centers. The white paper contains various statistics such as environmental changes, user surveys, and the local government support situation. In this year’s research, the paper also focused on NPS and operational improvement.

Call center users were asked about their “possibility to recommend companies that have a query to the call center”. The results revealed staggering levels of dissatisfaction among Japanese call center users. More than 70% of users answered that they would “not recommend” the call centers they interacted with. Therefore, user satisfaction and loyalty is below the average levels for the industry.

If you do that math, this means that Japanese call centers average an NPS score of -63.

Reasons behind the high levels of dissatisfaction include a lack of knowledge of agents, long waiting times and an inability to connect with the call center. Implementing the Net Promoter Score also helped identify the opportunities to improve call center services such as product knowledge, new tech for call centers follow-up and call-handling training.

Investing time and resources in improving agent’s skills, knowledge and empathy will better equip Japanese call centers to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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