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Net Promoter News: KPN Phone-In Performance, SW buddy-up on Mex-trics, Hoster tops 58


KPN Wire Up for NPS

News on how the former-state-monopoly Dutch Telco KPN aims to become consumer friendly using Net Promoter Score (in Dutch, but the gist handily translated for you...). Programs Manager Henriëtte Bakker Selz says they are moving to a single  CRM system in place of 14 customer registration system. There will be a top-down and bottom-up approach: Strategic survey with multiple questions and a short operational survey after each operational touchpoint, using an automated system. Source: KPN wil met NPS dienstverlening verbeteren, ManagersOnlineNLlawson-images

Lawson imps' NPS

ERP-Softer Lawson will implement its "Net Promoter Project" from June  according to Peter Quinn, Chief Customer Officer. reporting. Company hopes that NPS may show customers that "Lawson cares what they think" - useful in competing with SAP and Oracle which have bad reputations for being aloof to all but their biggest customers. According to article, negative customer feedback will help Lawson understand where to improve. It may prove scary for  the salespeople at Lawson (already under Pink Slip or P45 pressure), as the project will weed out the Lawson salespeople who excel at the service aspect of their jobs, and which ones are dragging the company down.Source: IT Jungleclearswiftimages

Clearswift clear about NPS.

According to a PR-puffer on its earnings release, UK security co Clearswift announces it is the first security company to embrace the Net Promoter Score. "The continuous brand monitoring by online feedback enables Clearswift to focus business efforts on delivering value to customers more efficiently and effectively."Source: Earnings Releasesw_logo

SW Partnership based on NPS?

In a Q&A on why NPS poster-boys Southwest Air have teamed up with Mexican-bound Volaris Air, one the reasons listed is " Southwest, they have earned exceptionally high marks for their Customer Service through commonly used Net Promoter Score... All of these factors make Volaris a good fit for Southwest.". Interesting to see NPS explicitly mentioned in terms of Company Culture Compatibility (that's CCC - your new TLA for today).  Source: NutsAboutSouthwestoverstocknh_101808_default_logo

Overstock Over 30's

From internet-excess-mover, Inc. Q1 2009 Earnings Call Transcript: Net Promoter Score is 31, "an all-time high". From Earnings review, Seeking Alpharov_layingdown_thumb

Scanner reads in 35%

Small survey results on what Customers Think of Microvision's ROV Barcode Scanner: 25% response,  Microvision and  products received a +35% Net Promoter Score (NPS), service department received a +30% NPS.Source: Blog (Update 10/2013 - Link moved)inetuimages

INetU host NPS 58

In a recent PR-Puffer, managed-hoster INetU announces results of  fifth annual customer service survey with 97% Customer Satisfaction, and Net Promoter Score of 58. (Nice, but then they go on to make an unproven claim that it's "nearly 50% higher than recognized industry leaders." 50 points? 50 percent? Accurate reporting please!). They have been sending annual satisfaction surveys since 2005, and helpfully offer that  2009 survey results are based on a 25% response rate. Source: the wires (Update 10/2013 - Link moved)


Sometimes companies report both Customer Satisfaction Scores and Net Promoter Scores, and you might notice from the INetU news that there seems to be hardly a correlation between Customer Satisfaction Score, and NPS. In their case, Customer Sat is 95%, and NPS is "only" 58 (which actually is nothing to be ashamed). Why the gap?I conclude that customers might unthinkingly report that they are satisfied, but only a smaller number actually internalise the question and go on to recommend the company to others. This, by the way, is the basis of the strength of the Net Promoter Score. Unless your NPS is near 100, you have some customers who are not passionate promoters. If you stick to customer satisfaction as a barometer, and get above 90, you would understandably be feeling quite pleased. But a look at the NPS will dispel the hubris, and force you to work on improvements.

Next Up: Net Promoter News: Who Surveys the Surveyors?

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