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Net Promoter News: Labor Finders work 63, JUNK clears 80, Schwab long on 46, NPS Comes out of Closet at 80

News that the  world of market research seems to be coming to its senses. This item caught our attention:  Not Part of the Future: Long Surveys. Money quote: "One current element of market research that is not probable or preferred is the LONG survey." (source). Another from the superbly named Bad Research; No Biscuit asked "What in the world can you learn from a sixty minute survey that you can’t learn from a 5-minute one?" (Just Say No Already).  Finally in this group: "Customer Sat. studies used to be overtly long and terrifying – until Bain, McKinsey and BCG told all the CEO’s of the world that the only thing they should care about is the single question on “How likely are you to recommend?”" (source).Our stand on this: The survey of the future will be a Net Promoter survey and like have Two Questions, tops. Oh wait - the future is here today! Best example: "pure Net Promoter implementation: two questions using simple, clean interface and minimal hassle for the customer!" Source: Vivmag, Survey hall of fame and shame)Satmetrix publishes Net Promoter LeadersSatmetrix released 2010 Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks for the insurance, financial services, airlines, telecommunications, technology, retail and online services industries. Some highlights: USAA 81, Apple 78, 71, Trader Joe's 68, Wegmans 67, Costco 66, eBay 65, Facebook 65, Jet Blue 64, Google 63. Other notables: Insurance: Geico 41. Health insurance: Cigna -28.Retail drill down: Amazon’s score drooped from 74% to 71%, eBay improved from 61% to 65% and Barnes & Noble pushed from 58% to 59%.  eBay and Amazon had just 5% of their customers categorized as detractors. Among multichannel retailers, both Best Buy Co. Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s online stores had higher NPS scores than the bricks-and-mortar stores with scores of 45% and 46%, respectively, compared to in-store scores of 29% and 41%. Conversely, Target Corp.’s in-store score was 52%, compared to its online score of 44%. Widely covered here (RW), here (own) and here (IR)

Company Results

Labor Finders at 63. 200 branches Labor Finders International, largest privately held industrial labor staffer in US beat all-comers in Inavero/CareerBuilder Best of Staffing 2010 NPS smackdown. Inavero claim staffing industry averages Net Promoter score of 40%. Labor Finders clocked in a score of 63%. Source - self puffPrintAudit impress at 76. The Canadian print management outfit PrintAudit self-scores NPS 76. Run o'the mill self puff with zero details on methods, but a quite impressive page with 250 testimonials on (some looked like they might have been politely persuaded. No matter, still some achievement).  Source: Horse's mouth.Any Old Iron?Brian Scudamore's 1-800-GOT-JUNK junk removal business with 250 franchises is a word-of-mouth driven business. He explains NPS-led philosophy and posts a score of 80. Company drills down NPS to franchise, even to the truck level. SourceSchwab brokers 46Charles Schwab go long on NPS with a new high of 46, leading the Brokerage and Investment sector. Source Fight! PEER1 vs AllcomersHoster PEER1 says its NPS is 36, trouncing the rest of the IT services industry's lowly 7. In a confrontational statement MD Dominic Monkhouse calls out his rivals: "To improve transparency over service quality PEER 1 Hosting believes all serious hosting service providers should measure and publish their Net Promoter Score". No mention of sample size or details, natch, but we like the way this one is going. sourceOut of the Closet at 80Wardrobe-sters California Closets (New England Franchise) have been measuring their Net Promoter Score. Striving to make a difference in their customers homes and lives, they have found a convenient tie rack to tidily hang their NPS of 79.9. Source: CupboardLoveABB Engineers Customer Experience via NPSBill Black, Group Senior Qual and Ops Excellence Veep at ABB yaks about customer confidence best practices for maintaining and improving customer confidence in a podcast, highlighting how they use Net Promoter Score as a key customer sat. measure. Advice on external/internal satisfaction, plus how to turn around a drop in confidence.  SourceAward for best use of decimal points in an NPS Press ReleaseSki Butlers (seen around this parish before) got a new NPS score. 86.39 percent. Loving the precision! Source: BadMathbyPRpeopleAnd finally... Zappos sues DisneyWe racked our brains for another suitable April Fool on Net Promoter but struck out this year due to lack of creativity.  But I was taken in for a few seconds by the "Zappos Sues Disney" article. The meat:  "Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, says it’s just one battle in his efforts to prevent companies from making misleading claims. The lawsuit alleges that Disneyland’s tagline of being “The Happiest Place on Earth” is “clearly false, deceptive, and confusing to the marketplace”,and cites internal Net Promoter Score (NPS) metrics that suggest that the designation should be given to, Inc". 'Nuff respec for this prank, Hsieh, but we'll beat you next April 1!

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