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Net Promoter News: Macy's, T-Mobile, KPN & Brillio

More Than 75% of Macy’s Shoppers Preferred Amazon For the Holiday

According to Prosper Insights’ January 2017 survey of more than 7,500 U.S. adults, more than three-quarters (76.7%) of Macy’s core shoppers have preferred to shop at Amazon during Q4 of 2016 (October, November and December). These results come one year after Macy’s CEO announced the company’s aim to make their department stores a place for “customers to come and get away from the everyday challenges of their lives, and to be entertained when they shop.” Prosper Insights’ also reveals Macy’s Net Promoter Score® is 50% lower than Amazon’s. Results like this reveal that customers are 50% more inclined to recommend Amazon to their friends and colleagues than they are to recommend Macy’s. Clearly, Macy’s still has to invest more of its time and resources to delivering superior customer experience like its competitors.


T-Mobile Rated Best in NPS and Overall Satisfaction

T-Mobile has recently released their Mobile Insights for 2016, revealing the brand was rated best in customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score in the telecommunication industry. According to the Nielsen Mobile Insights survey, which included more than 30,000 participants each month, T-Mobile performed better than competitors like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint on Overall Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score.

T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, has made customer service and customer satisfaction a top priority for the company when he joined the brand in 2012. Since then, T-Mobile has put a lot of focus on their social media customer service campaign, making sure they provide enough customer support in an effortless manner (Check Tweets below).

T-Mobile_Help___TMobileHelp____Twitter_🔊In addition to adopting a customer-centric social media campaign, T-Mobile has initiated numerous moves which have eliminated wireless service pain points such as contracts, overages and fees.

According to T-Mobile’s newsroom updates, the company’s 2017 focus will be on not only performing better than competitors when it comes to NPS and Overall Satisfaction, but also adopting best practices from the world’s customer care leaders.

“Think of the most amazing service you’ve ever experienced—maybe it was Nordstrom, Amazon, Zappos, Apple, that boutique hotel or favorite restaurant. That’s the kind of world-class service we’re aiming for. Those are the kind of companies we really want to be compared to in customer care. “ - T-Mobile Newsroom

KPN Improves NPS with Closed Loop Feedback

KPN is one of the leading telecom and ICT service providers in the Netherlands. Over the last couple of years, the company has undergone a major transformation to their enterprise division, which have overshadowed the performance of their consumer arm. Migrating away from legacy services to integrated solutions has impacted their revenue, which slipped 2.9 percent in 2016 to €6.8 billion. However, the company has initiated multiple steps to address the challenges in the business market and offset of its legacy solutions.

“The strong improvement in customer satisfaction, accelerated uptake of multi-play and higher order intake in the fourth quarter illustrates that we are on the right track,” says Eelco Blok, CEO.

What was particularly interesting to learn is KPN’s commitment to customer feedback and the Net Promoter Score. KPN makes sure it sets its NPS improvement targets at the beginning of each year and tracks whether the programs and initiatives it launches result in a higher NPS. Every month, the company conducts a survey among customers in their Consumer Residential, Consumer Mobile and Business Market segments and tracks the NPS performance over time. When calculating the NPS for KPN, the company ensures that each of the three segments counts for one third. Then, the telecom and ICT provider investigates whether they have managed to achieve their NPS targets, and if not, what were the main reasons behind it.

Let’s dig a little deeper into KPN’s NPS performance over the years.


As can be seen from the graph above, KPN’s Business NPS has significantly improved from 2013—taking their score from -18 to -10 in 2015, and to - 3 in 2016.

In their Annual Report, KPN highlighted how they apply best practices when it comes to NPS by closing the loop after they receive customer feedback. As a result, the company has seen improvements in their NPS score in all three segments:

“We apply ‘closed loop feedback’ (CLF), which means we survey customers immediately after each interaction (in call centers, retail shops or with engineers in the field) to get their feedback and, if necessary, act to improve their satisfaction. NPS scores increased, especially at our Business Market contact centers for middle-size, large and corporate business customers. Also customer satisfaction for Consumer Mobile contact centers rose.”

It is great to see that a company like KPN is applying NPS best practices, like setting targets, investigating performance, working on improving their own Net Promoter Score and closed loop feedback. Clearly such steps are helping the company achieve sustainable NPS growth.

Brillio Customers Give a Net Promoter Score of 71

Brillio, a global technology consulting and business solutions company, ended January 2017 with a Net Promoter Score of 71. Brillio surveyed 130 customers, 40 of which are Fortune 1000 companies, who have worked with the company in the last twelve months. Based on the customer feedback received, Brillio found out that engagement, execution, people and overall aspects were the top factors driving the likelihood of customer recommendation. Brillio was also voted 50% higher than their competitors in those four areas.

"We are excited and proud that our customers have scored Brillio high across the board, but we are most honored about our high scores in customer advocacy, our people, and our relationships," said Raj Mamodia, CEO of Brillio.


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