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Net Promoter News: No alarm for SF Fire at 79, Ambassador spoils us at 70, Bank Montreal trouve 39. Steamboat chairlifts 82

Net Promoter News 9 June 2010

San Francisco Fire Credit Union hits 79

Grow your Net Promoter Score, reports the,  and see an increase in new business. According to the informative article "The Successful Near $0 External Marketing Budget" San Francisco Fire have have tracked Net Promoter Score since 2004, and now bases all staff incentives on the score. With “...focus on the member [the SF Fire] creates word of mouth,” says CEO Diana Dykstra. A useful table shows the link between rising Net Promoter Score and gross new member growth. In 2009, NPS climbed to 79, with new members rising to 14%. And with not a dime unwisely spent on marketing.[caption id="attachment_1714" align="alignnone" width="485"] SF Fire Net Promoter Score 2006 - 2009.  Source:[/caption]

Wall Street News - NPS in the K10s

Ambassadors Group (NASDAQ: EPAX) Q1 2010 Earnings Call

Peg Thomas, President of student-tripster Ambassadors Group confirmed on the Q1 2010 call “our Net Promoter scores today are at 70%, in comparison to a score of 62% at the end of 2009. Source: Seeking Alpha

Intuit (INTU) Q3 2010 Earnings Call May 20, 2010

Bookkeeping softer Intuit won’t go into NPS details, but on the Q3-2010 earnings call Brad Smith, CEO shows confidence that analysts know about NPS:  “…continued improvement in our product and our continued execution in terms of our online marketing capabilities are showing up in terms of improved net promoter scores. And as you know, net promoter scores are a pretty good indication of which way retention is going to go.” CFO Williams added “Revenue per customer exceeded last year's level, driven by fewer promotional discounts on QuickBooks and a better product experience as indicated by improved net promoter scores.” SeekingAlpha

SAVVIS (SVVS) - Q1 2010 Earnings Call

CEO James Ousley of server polishers Savvis pulls out NPS (but no numbers): “we continue to see the results of our efforts in client care outreach. This is reflected in our improving Net Promoter Score rankings.” Freiberg adds “[With Net Promoter] you're reducing your churn, you're increasing the stickiness of what you have and the ability to put more than one product into a customer, really for us, drives better margins because a lot of the value-added services may not necessarily take additional square-feet space in a data center.” SeekingAlpha

Franklin Covey, Co. (FC) F2Q10 Earnings Call

Robert Whitman of trainola Franklin Covey was proud of “very high net promoter score from our customers in the customer loyalty practice” (although that is the one place you would expect to find a high NPS - Ed). SeekingAlpha

BMO Financial Group / Bank of Montreal Q2 2010

Reported in the Canadian BMO FinGroup earnings press release: "Our continued focus on the customer experience is reflected in our high loyalty scores. Our retail net promoter score was 39 for the second quarter of 2010, compared with 40 in the first quarter. Our retail net promoter score remains very strong compared to the scores of our major competitors." MarketWire

Net Promoter in the News

QVC with NPS Asker

QVC UKGina Deeble from UK home shoppery QVC discussed NPS at Gartner CRM Summit UK stating “75 percent of QVC's customers would recommend” with around 100,000 reviews a year.  Using NPS and reviews  helped QVC find issues they would not have known about – product examples include an ice cream maker that initially sold well,  but, in fact, the product was so bad "it was hurting QVC's brand reputation," so quickly discontinued selling the product, and canceled future orders. Some good tips on how QVC communicated to customers, and worth registering to read. 1to1Media

In brief

Thank you Quantix, a UK based server polisher for telling us you “have been given” Net Promoter of 34" which is “miles ahead of industry standards”. Congratulations, but some more detail would have been helpful. Self Puff, RemedialMathPR (Update 10/2013 - Link moved)SatMetrix phones it in with Hoffman: From Tom Hoffman's blog - Deborah Eastman, Chief Marketing Officer at Satmetrix, discusses how NPS has evolved and how companies are applying it to improve the customer experience (podcast) - 1to1mediaIMD, leading executive teachery and MBAmonger adopts NPS: Jim Pulcrano, IMD executive director says “We still need to make more effort in our post-programme work with participants and companies, [...] and [with] all of our improvements efforts, I believe our efforts with NPS (Net Promoter Scores) will help us immensely.” GenevaLunchFast Company: NPS is a silver bullet: "There's really only one way--to get as close to the paying customer as humanly possible. If there's a silver bullet, it's the Net Promoter Score--a research metric, but a breathtakingly intuitive one." FastCompanyNPS helps career prospects: Seen on the job boards - Better World Books, the “online bookstore with a soul,” is seeking a Chief Operating Officer to help us change the world through a new form of capitalism focused on people, planet and profit. [...] Actual experience of driving and implementing a NPS (Net Promoter Score) culture a real plus." Send in your CVs here.Steamboat Ski area surveyed 3,000 skiers to gauge net promoter score of 82 percent. The spokesmen said Steamboat had a Net Promoter score of 80 percent in 2008-09 and 79 percent in 2007-08. Source: SteamboatPilotOregonian Thompson MorrisonAnd finally, Portland Development Corporation undertook a Net Promoter asker among the city's tech community, which prompted the headline of the year: "PDC survey suggests software developers like Portland, but there's room for improvement". But not all the askees were happy, not least with the methodology: "they asked multiple choice questions which potentially had answers other than the options presented on the list, which caused me to answer questions in a false manner" complained one. The PDC boss summed up the result rather glumly: "We may have to take a bit more of a hands-off approach". OregonLive

Next Up: Net Promoter News: Centrica +3, 10Ks from eBay, Nokia, HomeDepot – plus FaceBook stuff, Sony NPS-Man, Kamp skore

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