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Net Promoter News: NPS Now Goes to 11 - "One More Likelier"

Following hot on the heels (clogs?) of our Dutch Effect post yesterday, we were immediately contacted by a local Amsterdam enterprise, who are determined to show that the Dutch are not low markers when it comes to Net Promoter® Score.Local businessmen Hertz van Rental, is the owner of the "Stoot Je Hoofd Niet" Snack-Restaurant [trans: "Don't Hit Your Head"], slap-bang in the centre of the old Jordaan, Amsterdam's former working-class-gone-hip neighbourhood, and represents a collective of bars and cafes in the area. The venues sell the well known Dutch delicacy, the tasty "Kroket" (or "Kroketje" to the cognescenti), a filling food which is the ideal complement to a beer, while enjoying the bar singers belting out sentimental Johnny Jordaan or Tante Leen numbers. The organisation goes by the name of the Jordan Organisation for Kroketje Excellence, and is dedicated to high standards of quality and service for this important part of the experience."Our Net Promoter Scores are so high" says Mr van Rental, "that our members regularly get an NPS of more than 90". He concedes that booze and singing might help push up the scoring a little, but showed us verbatim comments from customers along the lines of "I would give you 11 out of 10 for this Kroket". He challenged us to help his organisation take better feedback from their customers.I am proud to say the CustomerGauge organisation rose to the challenge.Normally we would never break the rules on the Net Promoter scale, but persuaded by cold beer and warm krokets our analytics experts made the calculations, and the technical team worked late into the night to finish the survey. Today we launch their new Net Promoter Survey, with a key improvement.Our special sauce? We extended the 0 - 10 scale. We added an extra digit to the score - an 11, "one more like-lier", in the words of Mr van Rental, to help those consumers that felt constrained by limiting the score to just a 10. "It just goes a bit higher," said Hertz happily, "it's Net Promoter Extreme - a dream for us Dutch who believe in great service".You too can experience "one more likelier" on the survey here.[caption id="attachment_1905" align="alignnone" width="616" caption="Take the survey. Go on. We dare you to score "11"."] [/caption]We'll report back to you a year from today  on the outcome of the survey. By the way, the recommended way to eat a Kroketje is in a white roll, yellow mustard and with your tongue firmly in your cheek.

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