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Net Promoter News: Philips "Revenue follows NPS", OSG Billing 72, NPS-OPS Linked-In joiner

Serge Acker, Snr Director Philips Flagship Stores presents state-of-union on the store, Vincenzo Maggio (seated) drives the slidesSerge Acker, Senior Director Philips Flagship Store, presented a state-of-the-union address on the Philips webstore at ceBIT last week, to a gathering of hi-tech companies at the DigitalRiver Consumer Electronics Conference.Following a movie-trailer like taste of the impressive new webstore, Acker highlighted some recent successes (and a few pitfalls) of the recent store migration. Philips were "late to e-commerce" he said, but "determined to do it with excellence". Success was down to having a clear vision for direct sales, fighting internal battles (especially over channels), a dedicated team, and doggedly measuring the Net Promoter Score (NPS). He gave an example of the importance of customer experience for Philips ("50% of electric shavers are bought as a gift"), and made the point that CE companies today are not just selling televisions any more, they are selling a service.Answering a question on whether dealers were upset by Philips selling to consumers, Acker said that dealers had lived with direct sales for many years (See also "Retailers Expect Direct Sales"). Customers want choice - some wish to buy direct. He added that selling direct creates "noise" and provides lots of detail in product presentation that ultimately benefits dealers.The Philips online store Net Promoter Score (as measured by CustomerGauge) had helped them improve customer service, improved products (with voice-of-customer feedback) and grow revenue. Acker had earlier stated that "If we could only do one thing on their Top Ten list, it would be the Net Promoter Score", and his last piece of advice to the appreciative audience was "Build your NPS, and revenue will follow."Contact DigitalRiver for presentation details.

Some other Net Promoter News snippets:

Outsourced invoicer OSG Billing Services announced on its site and by press release that it has achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 72 percent."As a service-based company, OSG Billing Services takes a great amount of pride in receiving such an impressive score," said Ron Whaley, vice president of sales and marketing. "We are excited to have this metric to measure our customer satisfaction..." Source: Billing and OSS World There is a new Linked-In group called NPS Ops (Net Promoter Score), set up by Seth Harbaugh of Utah-based service provider DirectPointe. His aim is to openly discuss process improvements, performance documentation and trends in the improvement arena of Net Promoter Score. Joining request should be submitted on the site.

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