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Net Promoter News: Qantas customer sat hits surprising altitude, ex-Junker Michel Falcon on Net Promoter, Genpact's NPS highs, Indianapolis residents cool on Public Schools

Qantas customer satisfaction hits surprising altitude

Qantas has claimed that this year, on a scale of 0-10, its international service has recorded a “customer satisfaction score” over 7.9 every month (note – the article seems to imply the customer satisfaction score is based on Net Promoter, but we’re not exactly sure). The company also said that at the height of the industrial relations dispute that saw its aircraft around the world grounded last year, Qantas’s international arm was recording a customer satisfaction score of 7.7.

[caption id="attachment_3637" align="alignright" width="300"]qantas-twitter-300x252.jpg Qantas: Flying Kangaroo leaps surprisingly high in customer satisfaction[/caption]

While we’re not exactly sure of the methodology, considering the thousands of people whose flights were cancelled in the industrial relations dispute in 2011, and more anecdotally a nasty social media backlash to a marketing campaign a couple of months later, these levels of satisfaction seem to be surprisingly high. (This less than dramatic 0.2 movement seems to be pretty typical for Cust Sat type programs, which usually hover around the 7.5 average mark. In our opinion, this is one of the very good points in favour of using the NPS -100 to 100 scale - Ed).  Sydney Morning Herald

Ex-1-800 GOT JUNKie Michel Falcon on how to use Net Promoter

Michel Falcon helped implement the Net Promoter program at 1-800 Got Junk, and has written an interesting post on the two types of organisations that use Net Promoter.

In his experience, the first way is to focus entirely on the score, and get discouraged when it decreases and (overly) enthusiastic when it increases. The second type balances the score and the comments, and takes steps to ensure that the entire organisation rallies around Net Promoter.  Needless to say, this is the way that Net Promoter should be implemented. And we particularly like his closing quote: “I’ve always said, the score is for the score board, where the comments are for the playbook. What type of organisation are you?”

Genpact zooms to NPS highs

In its Q3 2012 results, Genpact announced improved revenues and client satisfaction levels at historic highs, and noted that its NPS has improved almost 50% in five years. CEO N. V. Tyagarajan gave an example of how focusing on customer satisfaction via NPS with one particular client had helped grow that relationship from one single service line several years ago, to multiple areas today. Seeking Alpha

Indianapolis residents too cool for (Public) Schools

In a survey of 7,000, residents have given the Indianapolis Public Schools system an NPS of -24. However, the survey implementation has drawn its own criticism, with the district superintendent saying the survey sample included numerous people with no connection to the school system other than living in the district. Indianapolis Business Journal

In brief

  • Nokia has once again hinted at a high NPS for its Lumia range. This time, Marketing Director for Nokia UK & Ireland, James Kitto, said “Nokia Lumia experiences, namely in terms of design, build quality and colour, as well as innovative software such as Maps and navigation and Nokia Music with free Mix Radio streaming are driving very high levels of satisfaction (Net Promoter Score).” NokNok
  • Direct digital manufacturer RedEye On Demand, has announced monthly Net Promoter Scores over +70 for four months in a row. Herald Online
  • In its fiscal year 2013 Q1 earnings call, Vistaprint has announced “positive indicators in all regions, such as strong new customer acquisition and improved net promoter scores.” Bloomberg
  • Fuelcard Keyfuels has been given an ‘Excellent’ rating for customer service by the Customer Service Network. Its NPS has increased by nearly 15% in the last 12 months. BDaily

Next Up: Net Promoter News: Apple's sweet and sour Chinese growth, Facebook goes Net Promoter-esque, Telstra not making decisions based on NPS, yet

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