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Net Promoter News: Quark quotes NPS 50, Overstock in excess of 70, Verity NPS converts.

quark xpress 3.31 old school style - 1995?In a previous (business) life I was the Marketing Manager of Morse Computers, back in the '80s and '90s when its staple form of promotion was 4cm x 2 column ads in The Times, or 20cm x 2 col. ads on the back of The Independent and FT, running week-in, week out. We produced the ads on a Mac IIcx (with a 80Mb disk) running Quark Xpress, and typesetting on a Linotronic 200. Advanced stuff for the day. If you had a problem with Quark, you were largely on your own. No internet forums to turn to. And definitely no help from Quark, who epitomised the frontier spirit of early desktop publishing by providing basically zero support.So it was with some nostalgia that I read that Quark have become focused on customer service. This from Planet Quark:  Paul Brothe on Customer Service. Brothe took leadership of Quark's customer service in February 2008. Since then, Quark's customer-rated level of satisfaction regarding customer service has risen above Adobe's, and higher than almost any other software company. Quark uses Net Promoter and asks customers about their experience immediately after a contact with the company. According to Brothe, Quark's Net Promoter score has risen to above 50. (In a "two-for-one" he also reveals Adobe's highest score was 46.)Success secrets:
  • Maximize self-service. Free Virtual Knowledge Base includes self-help (which is like phone help except via email)
  • Live chat
  • Direct email to a tech rep.
  • Keep phone support free and fast.
  • Calculate the 10 most common reasons that customers call in for support, and put the answers on the customer support pages at
  • Key discovery:  people actually prefer online chat for support, partly because of how easy it is to send links to Web pages and downloads, and because it's easy for customers to send screen shots and other information about their questions.

Overstock report NPS of 73 report Net Promoter Score in their earnings call this week. Thanks to SeekingAlpha.From Patrick Byrne – Chairman and CEO of Overstock (OSTK) says: "Slide 14 – Net promoter score. All time high of 73 [ ... ] we're running at 73% now in the fourth quarter. The red line is the NPS of the people who call our customer service, meaning they have had some kind of problem. They ran at 27%, which is an all time high for the fourth quarter. So, even the people who have some kind of issue and call us gave us a much higher score as a company than the average American company receives, according to Professor Reichheld."

Verity Builds Member Loyalty, uses Net Promoter

A report by Sarah Boehle, on how Verity Credit Union in Seattle started to measure customer experience. Before: Subjective feedback only from "raving fans" and "not-so-raving fans".  After: Verity implemented a Member Loyalty Program in 2007  based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS).Results:  Significant improvement tied to the Member Loyalty Program. Loyalty ratings up more than 15 percent; member referrals +30 percent; new accounts increased more than 50 percent. Plus benefits of strategic alignment across corporation.Key bullets from Verity Program:
  • Aligned corporate culture. Streamlined bonus systems across company to just three elements, including credit union's NPS.  No "competing values" and ensures  everyone  working toward shared goals.
  • Communication of  program's validity and importance. Organization-wide training on NPS,  and quarterly meetings, where successful NPS initiatives and best practices are discussed in depth.
  • Transparency:  Online site where all staff can view the credit union's most recent NPSs and compare them to organizational goals.
  • Use customer feedback to target training.
  • Get every department involved.
Full article here. (Verity Builds Member Loyalty) (Update 10/2013 - original link moved)

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