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NPS® News: CoolBlue 66, Rebuilding Barclays' image,'s improved experiences

At the MARCOM14 event in Amsterdam last week, where CustomerGauge were also co-presenters, Pieter Zwart, CEO of dutch multi-channel electronic goods sellers  Coolblue, blew us away by announcing an NPS of 66. Being customer obsessed really does help you grow to a quarter of a billion euro company.

Customer focus and revitalizing a (tainted) brand

Recovering from any kind of crisis and rebuilding a brand is tough. But a crisis, that has been labeled ‘as bad as it gets’, is a totally different game. Barclays needed to go from a more product-oriented approach to making everything evolve around the customer. So it was time to get back to basics: focus on current customers and the processes they go through.

“We need to be there around the day-to-day transactional elements of banking, as well as big "life moments" such as getting married, and also wider societal problems like youth unemployment”, Alex Brownsell, managing director of Marketing, explains. That is why Barclays is now engaging with customers to figure how to best organize their business around these moments.

Setting up the “Your Bank” initiative played a big role in Barclays’ newfound success. It provoked a whopping 450,000+ engagements of customers that shared their ideas of how everyday services could be improved. One of the examples: Barclays’ mobile banking service has a Net Promoter Score comparable to “those” brands (Apple, Amazon, etc.). All to show that asking for feedback from your customers can be a huge opportunity.

For the complete overview of actions, plans and results, check out the Marketing Magazine.

Practical customer service lessons from the best in class

Top-notch service is what you can expect from companies in the likes of Amazon, Zappos and Nordstrom. We read about how good they are in terms of customer service, but we’re often deprived of the nitty-gritty. Entrepreneur shares a couple of insights:

  • Zappos: the introduction of the ‘Happiness Experience Form’ contributed to a 5% improvement in the company’s overall Net Promoter Score.
  • Amazon: “Bezos asks thousands of Amazon managers, including himself, to attend two days of call-center training each year. The payoff: humility and empathy for the customer.”
  • Nordstrom: “The most important thing to highlight here is each employee's nearly unfettered control in helping customers.”

For more insights, visit Entrepreneur. improved experiences lead to loyalty

More and more people are talking about customer experience and increasing customer happiness. But for Anabela Perozek, Chief Marketing Officer at, being customer focused isn’t enough as a potential differentiator: “Customer-centricity is a consumer expectation.”

Acquiring loyal customers starts with continuously thinking about how to make the experience even better, easier and more fun. It’s ever more important to provide a seamless and positive experience because even loyal customers aren’t as forgiving as they used to be. Additionally, customers are being bombarded with messages, so it’s difficult to cut through the clutter and engage with them. “That’s why it’s so critical that your communication strategy is integrated with your overall business strategy. Customers will remain engaged with your brand only if you are consistently delivering at or above their expectations.”

You can find the full story, here.

In brief:

  • MercadoLibre, the muy grande e-commerce network in Latin America reported in their Q1 Earnings report: "Our customer experience efforts result in significant gains to our net promoter score." (no score given sadly). Plus, some googling found us the 8-K, and told us that the key execs in MercadoLibre have a Net Promoter component of their bonus of 5%. That is some customer service commitment right there!
  • Leading SaaS provider for education 2U posted a Net Promoter Score of 69.5 for graduate degree programs at universities including USC Rossier, Georgetown University, Whitman School of Management, Milken Institute..." Source

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