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Net Promoter News: Sat's New Stats show Apple pip Amazon, Beach is Back at 49

Net Promoter Scores Benchmark 09Satmetrix release their 2009 Net Promoter Benchmark Reports today. Some highlights include loyalty leaders Apple driving NPS of 77, Amazon at 74 and Google at 71. Online services had the highest average Net Promoter Scores of all industries, with Telco bringing up the rear with an average of -7. More details in press release. (Update 10/2013 - link moved)

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Australia's MacMillan Shakespeare ("premier provider of workplace benefits") confidently predict hitting a Net Promoter Score target: "We will achieve high net promoter scores ≥45%" (according their analyst presentation PDF, March 2009)

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Still in Australia, Chris Roberts talks about Generating Growth in a Contracting Economy, and his 1500 customer Net Promoter Score survey of  Australian banks. Source: UQ News

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Finally, web-hosters ServerBeach ride a high tide of Net Promoter Scores to reach 49, according to blog.

Next Up: Net Promoter News: TC score sky-high 94; NES Rentals lift to 72; LG picture "Life's Good" at 64

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