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Net Promoter News: SchoolDude chalks up 93, CoinStar collects 80, a leading provider of educational facility software won Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year in the third annual "Stevie Awards". They must be doing something right: Joan Maddox, SchoolDude`s VP of client spoke of "98.6-percent client satisfaction rating and 93-percent Net Promoter Score ranking, which demonstrates our commitment to legendary service."No details on how score was calculated, but impressive nonetheless. Source Reuters etc.

CoinStar Inc report NPS in annual report; Score 80

cstrgetchartAlong with other companies now routinely reporting Net Promoter®  Scores, Paul D. Davis, COO at coins-to-giftcards company CoinStar, pulled out NPS on their Q4 earning call: "Consumers tell us price point, ease of use, convenience, selection, the return anywhere option and online reservation feature guaranteeing in stock status. One of the more startling revelations as shown on chart 14 is Redbox net promoter score which is a major that asks, "Would you recommend this product or service to your friend?" Redbox's net promoter score was a whopping 80% putting it in elite company with the likes of eBay, Apple, Amazon and others. A net promoter score of 60% is considered quite good, a net promoter score of 80% is outstanding."Nice stock uptick recently - coincidence? Or due to NPS? Transcript via SeekingAlpha

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