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Net Promoter News: You Can Be Sure of Shell Customer Service, Android NPS blues but iOS in pink, Transactional Net Promoter Score is “Need To Know Buzzword”

Shell puts customer service in the fast lane

Shell in the Netherlands has launched an intriguing campaign to find out what its customers think about its service via dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android.

As spotted by CustomerGauge staffer Chris, the pilot campaign runs across 14 stations, and the app allows customers let Shell know what they like about the Shell filling stations and what could be improved.

[caption id="attachment_3414" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="Shell in-store customer feedback device"]Shell-Feedback-buttons-224x300.jpg[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3416" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="iOS feedback app"]Shell-mobile-screen-grab-200x300.png[/caption]

In addition, the stations have a device at the entrance where customers can select an appropriately happy, sad, or indifferent face depending on their experience.

It’s a simple initiative, and if we have one small suggestion it may be to include a mechanism to give feedback in-store as well as online. Shell Netherlands (in Dutch)

Android wallows in NPS purgatory, but will Apple continue to dominate?

Like a televised cage fight, consumers are watching battles by Android v iOSMicrosoft v anyone, Samsung against AppleNokia and Blackberry begging to be let back in. As smartphones march toward ubiquity, predicting where each of the major players will be in a year’s time is complicated by the fact that it is not just handset against handset, but also operating system against operating system, and even carrier against carrier.

New research in the US has found that:

  • iOS is the most preferred operating system among IT professionals, with a Net Promoter Score of 69, well ahead of Android at  27.
  • AT&T and Verizon are equally preferred carriers among IT professionals, with Sprint a distant third.

The low score for Android may be surprising for some, but it does seem to have some correlation with an earlier prediction that we reported on by analyst Ben Bajarin, who believes that partly based on Windows’ high NPS, iOS and potentially Windows will be the longer term operating system winners.

However, this is complicated by a number of factors, including Samsung’s momentum. Predicting the state of the mobile market in the medium term is best left to those more knowledgeable, but we are watching this space with interest. Red Orbit

Transactional Net Promoter Score dubbed “need to know buzzword”

TNPSbuzzword-marketing-week-300x177.pngMarketingWeek UK has named Transactional Net Promoter Score to its list of “need to know buzzwords in 2012.”

While we’re bemused with the idea of Transactional Net Promoter Scores being thought of as just another buzzword, the article makes some good points on the strengths of the metric and how it differs from regular Net Promoter surveys.

One of the more important considerations is that transactional surveys can potentially provide a much bigger data set than conventional surveys, as they ask for a response at the moment of contact, rather than once every quarter or other predefined period. For businesses that don’t often see customers face to face, such as insurance, Transactional Net Promoter Scores can also offer an opportunity to resolve a customer’s problem immediately.

Please check out this link if you’re interested in reading more about transactional surveys and how they have helped CustomerGauge clients, including insurance business nib, branded manufacturer Melitta, and more. Marketing Week

In brief

Net Promoter Vacancies

User Experience Manager - North America: LEGO, Hartford CT, US

Net Promoter Systems Analyst: Aerotek - Parsippany, New Jersey

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