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Net Promoter News: Shoretel ranks partners by NPS, Zingerman’s tasty survey email contains 0% spam, Edge Web nudges 70

Shoretel rates partners with Net Promoter, fo’ sho’

As a company that relies on resellers and systems integrators to deliver its solutions, choosing partners carefully is an integral part of business success claims VoIP-pushers Shoretel.

So it was interesting for us to see (tucked away in a self-puffer about its Asia expansion plans) that Shoretel has four tiers to its partner programme – Authorised, Silver, Gold, and Platinum – which are measured against each partner’s NPS.

And it seems that these partner categories are more than simply a way to classify the depth of the relationship – in related news, systems integrator and Shoretel partner Black Box announced in a separate self-puffer that it has received the ShoreTel Champion Partner Circle of Excellence Award - a recognition that is also based on partner Net Promoter Scores.  PR Urgent 

[caption id="attachment_4011" align="alignright" width="310"]zingermans-email.png This is not spam, promise! So say Zingermans - click for the full image[/caption]

Zingerman’s tasty survey email

Blogger Jason Fried has picked up on a warm and personal Net Promoter survey he received from the food company Zingerman’s, and compared it favourably with an overcomplicated, impersonal satisfaction survey he received from Audi a week earlier.

If you are looking to strike a personal tone with your survey emails, we’d “highly recommend” taking a look at Zingerman’s use of language. By paying so much attention to communicating how much it values feedback, this is one business that may be nurturing advocacy for more than just its core product. 37 Signals 

In brief

  • After surveying almost 24,000 customers, BDRC Continental’s VenueVerdict Awards have recognised a number of hospitality venues that scored over +70 with a Gold Standard. Visit the link for the complete list: BDRC Continental
  • Sensibly named hosting service Edge Web Hosting has announced an NPS of 69.9. Edgewebhosting
  • US LTL carrier Standard Forwarding has received the second-highest NPS nationally out of 2,000 shippers, and received a gong as Great Lakes/Midwest Carrier Of The Year. Logistics Online 

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