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Net Promoter News: Sony Backstage 101 at 44, "Slumdog" Software, NPS Blood in CustomerGauge

Sony Backstage 101 program reports Net Promoter of 44.

backstage101sonySony's learning centre for  Digital photography users, Backstage 101(Link removed from source), was recently cited in a case study. The community driven site showed increasing consumer loyalty and advocacy, with 78% of users report that they are more likely to purchase a Sony product as a result of Backstage 101. "Sony’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) for 2008 came in at 44%, with 59% of users classified as “promoters” who are likely to recommend Sony electronics to a family member, friend, or coworker" according to the case study (link removed from source), courtesy Marketing Profs.

"Slumdog" Atlassian Software reports NPS 52

Atlassian,  self-styled "Enterprise 2.0 sector’s Slumdog Millionaire" note on their blog their NPS score of 52, and outline methodology of sampling. "500 customers, chosen at random, and our Net Promoter score was: 52%".I pulled out this section as I thought it was useful: "We made it clear we only required answering one question to participate in the survey. The other three questions were entirely optional:

* “If you wish to elaborate on your response, do so here…”

* “Is it OK for us to contact you?”* “If so, what’s your contact information?”According to Atlassian, the survey had a 40% response rate, and 20% of the customers said it was OK to contact them. "First priority is personally calling every single detractor [...] Passing support problems to support and product problems to development loses this vital analysis. Second we are thanking everyone who participated and is willing to contacted.". It's all here.

Enderle on Obama NPS

Rob Enderle, IT industry pundit and expert writes in Tech News World that Barack Obama could learn from Intel among others, and invest in the future to survive. He suggests loyalty is key, and that Obama should measure that with Net Promoter Score. Article: TechNewsWorld.

CustomerGauge:  "Net Promoter in Blood"

CustomerGaugeLogo100Bain-ster Rob Markey lists three customer feedback systems and cites one, CustomerGauge as "really interesting, and is based on Net Promoter. The company seems to really have Net Promoter in its blood, and several Bain clients have said they are good" - full details on his blog here (Update 10/2013 - link removed from source).

Next Up: Net Promoter News: Brooks Brothers, CTCA "Digital" Hospital, Temkin Asks Temkin, HAPPY Radio

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