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NPS® News: TD Canada shows gratitude, Medibank's journey to customer-centricity and hotel fining customers

TD shows gratitude

When was the last time you woke up and were excited about going to the bank? Unless you found your grandmother’s secret stash tucked away under her mattress, we bet never. However, if you planned a visit to your local TD branch at the right time, it might have been your lucky day.

TD Bank Trust Canada thought it was about time to show their customers how grateful they really are that they trust them: Every single customer that came in received a $20 bill. But for a happy few (long-standing) customers, they went above and beyond to show how much they mean to them:

Medibank's journey to customer-centricity

Australian health insurer, Medibank, understood that being a product-focused company was unsustainable (sounds familiar? see Aegon's story). Now, four years into their journey towards customer centricity, Medibank's General Manager Marketing, Chris Carroll, shares the most important parts that hold this effort together. Some of the highlights:

  • Insights from customers are indispensable to improve customer experience. But in order to make actual improvements, the insights need to be actionable. That is one of the reasons why they implemented the Net Promoter Score.
  • A customer focus needs to embraced company wide. Marketing is definitely a good place to start this effort, but it won't work unless everyone is on board.
  • Customer-centric IT is mandatory to deliver on customer expectation and support the data for analysis.

Check out the full story, here.

Fining customers after giving feedback

Negative feedback is never a nice thing to receive. But smart companies consider it an opportunity to grow and improve on what went wrong. Instead, the Union Street Guest House decided to give their customers a $500 fine if they dare to leave a negative review about them somewhere online. This doesn't only include their own reviews, but also the reviews of friends and family, because "your guests may not understand what we offer" according to the policy. Find out all about this unbelievable story in this video:

P.S. : Late night talkshow host Jimmy Fallon also couldn't believe this story and shared it on his daily overview of current events. So beware: bad customer experience can even make you the laughingstock on national television. (Starts around 3:20 in this video)

In brief

  • Fitzpatricks Financial Group excited by high NPS of 69 for their advisors. (Source: Professional Planner)
  • FireEye reaching an industry leading NPS of 54. (Source: Seeking Alpha)

(Credit for feature image: Nathan Denette/National Post)

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