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NPS® News: Telstra Breathing Customer Centricity, Travel Industry Head Above Water

Telstra Breathing Customer Centricity

One industry where customer churn tends to skyrocket is telecommunications. So putting your customer first is absolutely paramount. With Telstra's commitment to serve their customers, they managed to increase their customer base from 12.2 million to 15.1 million in 2013.

To serve the customer better, Telstra introduced a 24/7 service model, an online self-service platform for simple transactions and weekend field service and installation. But something else was missing, explained Peter Jamieson, executive director of advocacy at Telstra, in an interview by the 'Customer Strategist Journal': "The bigger issue was culture change. We want to help our employees feel as though they can do what's best for customers. Every single employee can help impact the customer experience."

In a recent post on Linkedin, CEO David Thodey shares how Telstra was able to shift the culture:

Genuine commitment from leaders: "Leaders need to communicate why it is important, supervisors need to show employees how their efforts and actions affect the customer and staff need to know they have the ability to resolve customer issues. When staff see their leaders – all of their leaders – committed and focusing on the customer they are more likely to engage, so make it visible."

Ideas come from anywhere: "Many of the best customer service ideas come from front line staff. So create an outlet for them to raise and solve problems and give them whatever tools they need to take action. That way they are not only more likely to make customer focus an integral part of their roles but they will probably be happier and more engaged as well; there is real power and value in creating a link between employee satisfaction and change strategies."

Get everybody into the conversation: "Genuine employee buy-in hinges on a broad understanding of why it all matters so getting everybody into the conversation is critical. Employees should see a clear link between what they do and the longer-term outcome, even those who are not customer facing."

Travel Industry Trying To Keep Head Above Water

With competition from Peer-to-Peer services like Airbnb and Flightcar, travel and hospitality companies need to step up their game in order to survive. With no margin for error, capturing the customer is only possible by creating an impressive and unique guest experience that exceeds all expectations, according to Hotel-guru Robert Rauch. Some brands understand that this requires ongoing collaboration with the customer:

Marriott: A 'war room' in the basement of their headquarters dedicated to collaboration between customers, employees, execs and designers.

National Car Rental: A private, online community of 300 frequent business travellers to help innovate customer experience.

Etihad: Co-creation workshops with customers, designers and senior management to design the most luxurious commercial passenger experience in the world.

For the full story, head over to Fast Company.

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  • Canadian courier, Purolator, reported to have attained an NPS of 51. (source: Digital Journey)
  • A record breaking Net Promoter Score of 87 achieved by the 2014 Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum. (source:
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